Parvarish 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 27th February 2013 Written Update

Raavi tells Rocky that Ashok and his friends are looking forward for doing something bad to Rinku. She also tells that they have bad intentions. Rocky [with a shock] calls Rinku to tell her that he will be not coming as Raavi has to make her stay in hospital for nearly 2 days. Rinku is quite depressed, saddened and also angry. [a little] She calls Ashok to tell him the story who seems very angry at Rinku’s disagreeing to run away from the home. He also tells her that if she won’t come then she should forget him. At hospital, Jeet and Lucky have come to pay a visit to Raavi.
Rocky gets the sms of Rinku’s texting that she won’t be waiting for Rocky to help due to Ashok’s words of forgetting him. Rocky tries to call Rinku but to no avail. He also calls at residence but as Sweety

is talking to Ginny, he is unable. Rocky therefore rushes home pretending the excuse of changing his clothes. He searches for Rinku leaving no stone unturned but it goes in vain. He remembers that Rinku will have been going to the bus stand. Rinku reaches the bus stand searching for Ashok. Ashok and his friend are waiting for her. As one of them caught an eye on her; all go and hide themselves. Ashok and Rinku hug each other and his friends come there pretending that they are not knowing of Ashok to be here. Ashok tells them all about their marriage to which Rinku doesn’t like them of his telling everything to his friends. Ashok tells her that they will be the witnesses to their marriage and Rinku agrees. She also thinks that if Rocky would be here he would have been the witness from her side.
Rocky texts Rinku that Ashok and his friends are the guys with bad intentions but as she had switched off her phone for avoiding Rocky’s bor talk/questions the messages are not read by Rinku. In the bus, all the friends sit in the bus and Rinku is little bit frightened and suspicious to enter. Rocky comes running in search of Rinku. Despite, the cop catches him as he is runnig seeming to be have done a robbery. Time passes by, and Rocky is running hither thither looking in each and every bus.
Ashok goes out to but some water. And sees Rocky He tells his friends about Rocky arriving there. The friend asks the conductor to start their journey as soon as possible. Ashok touches Rinku followed by one of his friends, too. Rinku finds out something fishy. She takes her face out from the window of the bus. Rocky sees it and identifies the pink cloth [dupatta] of Rinku and starts running to catch the bus. But due to the obstruction of the car he falls down and misses the bus.

Precap:- Ashok again touches Rinku. Rinku [with anger] shoots his hand back and also shouts at him as everyone will see it. Ashok confesses to her that [shouting] and she even cannot bear a single touch and therefore he is marrying her to do all with her. [with bad intention] Rocky running for a grip of the ladder [ladder like thing to go above the bus; it is always at the back of the bus] and he catches a hold of it.

Update Credit to: PhoenixSnitch49

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