Parvarish 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 25th February 2013 Written Update

It starts with Thursday’s episode when sweety asks rocky what they were doing on terrace at 12? this is when lucky comes out inquires about what happened? sweety again asks rocky. Rocky says we fought so we were sorting out our problem. Lucky says you were sorting problems at 12?, go to sleep. Sweety notices sooji and says how come there is so much sooji on ur t-shirt? rocky says to patch up I made sooji ka halwa. lucky says u could have given a sorry card. then they all go to sleep. Sweety finds something fishy and asks lucky to talk to rocky.

Rocky in his room is flipping light switch back and forth remembering his moments with rinku before. Just then rocky gets msg from raavi to call her as he is about to call rinku knocks on door and asks him if she can talk for 2 min. Rocky agrees and goes. Rinku says i know you like me you dont need to tell me that but i am helpless. I love ashok. and i want to marry him. We have decided to run away at 5 am to his village and then get married. Rinku asks if he can help her run away. Rocky doesnt reply and goes away with tears rolling down his eyes. BG song: alvida nice match of song..

At 5 in the morning rinku is thinking whether to go ro not then ashok asks her to come outside. She says she cant rocky knows everything now. Ashok is like then what should i do? rinku says i will call back ashok goes away. rinku is pacing in her room when rocky comes and says i want to meet ashok and if he is right guy then i wil help. rinku smiles and hugs him tight. rocky doesnyt hug back…

while going out he bumps to lucky ans he tells him tht he wants to have a man to man talk with him. he says dont do anyting that we have to put our heads down in fornt of toehrs. also basically tells him not to fall for rinku. he also tells him tht he loves sooji ka halwa and someday he can make it for him as well.

rinku comes in room and tells that he can meet ashok in 2 hours. rocky seems tensed and rinku asks if everything is alrite?

paathshala: lucky says to be friendz with your kids so that they dont hide and do wrong things.


Update Credit to: cool127

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