Parvarish 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 23rd January 2013 Written Update

The kidnappers see the place burning. They also see the police there.
Kidnappers call the family and say, no need of any money, ur daughter is dead, she got burnt in the fire. All the family members at home are shocked. Pinky turns pale. Ginny-Raashi-Sunny hear this, they begin to cry and hug each other.

Police along with Lucky-Rocky search for Raavi.

Pinky is shocked. Sweety cries and tells this is wrong, they’re scaring us. they call lucky and lucky tells that the fire is here but Raavi’s body is nowhere. Everyone is in tears.

Later, Rocky and Lucky see a hole in the wall and get to know that raavi has run away, they show sometime back, Raavi taking a rod and making that hole in the wall.

She is in the jungle, the police is there too and the kidnappers too.
Raavi in pain is running in the jungle, she trips and falls, she gets up and continues walking.
On the same route we see the psycho Watchman running and police behind him in the same route. Raavi is crying and walking. Lucky rocky come following the police. Rocky notices blood and decides to follow it. they go ahead calling for her.

Everyone is SEARCHING for Raavi. Watchman, Police and Lucky-Rocky are searching for Raavi. Raavi goes behind the tree and is tally exhausted, she can no more walk, someone comes from behind and she is shocked, but there is no one.

Pinky is mum, she’s gone silent , mentally paralyzed! All the other family members are with them, Dolly-Lovely-Papaji-Sweety-Ginny-Sunny-Raashi.

The doorbell rings ANDDD Lovely see’s Jeet and is shocked. Papaji comes there and see’s Jeet, Jeet asks, why are u so shocked?

Search continues.
Raavi is very close to the watchman.
She sits down on a stone, hurt, exhausted, in pain, she is checking her wound and there we see the watchman standing and looking at her.
Raavi lifts up her head and is shocked to see that watchman there. The watchman has an evil smile/ look.


Precap:- That watchman has a knife, Raavi tells that the police is here only. He tells, they think ur dead. Raavi says, but they saw u with me, watchman asks, where? now, right behind! Watchman turns behind and Raavi pushes him down the hill and he FALLS and ROLLS down.

Update Credit to: Ridzzi

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