Parvarish 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Parvarrish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 22nd May 2013 Written Update by PhoenixSnitch49

Parvarrish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 22nd May 2013 Written Episode

@Dance class
The episode begins with Teddy asking Sweety to leave the class if the admission is taken. Sweety is shocked to see the manner-less behavior of the dance teacher. She gives Ginny and Raashi some instructions and then leaves.

Sweety reaches home and tells Daddu about the manner-less teacher and that how he will teach being so over-smart. Lucky and Rocky tell that his dance classes are famous and all famous people are like that.

@Dance class
Teddy tells everyone to pair up with someone and then choose a song on which they would like to dance so that he can arrange that song for them.

Ginny and Raashi are deciding but to no avail. Ginny loses hope to win because all the participants are seeming good dancers and there is no chance for them.

Ahujas arrive and gather in the hall chit-chatting and giggling. Pinky asks about the dance class and Daddu tells about Sweety’s anger of that dance teacher and all giggle when Sweety is arranging drinks and snacks.

@Dance class
There are songs which come in their mind to get selected in top 14 but Sweety and all the family is the restriction. At that moment, Teddy comes and asks about the song and Raashi tells that they have selected the song ‘fevicol se’ for their dance. Ginny tries to tell Raashi that this song is no good so Sweety doesn’t allow Ginny to listen or watch that song. Raashi assures that this won’t happen as they aren’t going to reveal their song. Teedy calls everyone for practice session. After that, he tells everybody to choose their costumes according to their song.

Papaji arrive and all tell about the dance class. He also praises Sunny again. He then starts teasing Lucky and Jeet in a friendly manner and all have fun and laughter. Lucky goes to pick-up Raashi and Ginny from the dance class.

@Dance class
In the costume’s room , Ginny is tensed about the clothing due to Sweety’s restriction to short dress and skirts. Raashi tells that if they won’t wear nice dress, they won’t get selected . Raashi chooses a dress for Ginny and herself.

The three of them – Raashi, Ginny and Lucky arrive. Rocky asks about their time at the class. Sweety serves them milk and asks that which song they have takenfor the competition. . Raashi and Ginny are stuck and they tell that it is a soft and sweet song. Pinky and all request them to show some moves when Raashi immediately replies that it’s a surprise for all of them. Sunny comes there running and grabs the bag to see what’s in the bag. Ginny and Raashi start pulling the bag and tell that their costumes are there in the bag. Sunny asks to see them. Pinky tells Sunny to stop snatching the bag because Ginny and Raashi have kept a surprise.
Ginny and Raashi enter Rocky’s bedroom to hear the song. Ginny operates the computer and plays the song but the pc hangs nad the song is playing. Jeet arrives there and enters the bedroom on hearing the song and asks why they are listening such song. Raashi excuses and Jeet agrees and tells to stop playing that song. After he goes, Ginny stops that song. She suggests to hear the song while having lunch as she is having two mp3 players [portable like Ipod]so that they can learn the lyrics quickly.
While all are having lunch Ginny and Raashi are giving no response and Ginny talks loudly. Papaji takes the headphone to listen what they are listening to. Raashi quickly changes the song. Ginny tells the reason. Daddu and Sweety tell them to have the lunch first. Raashi and Ginny run upstairs with their plates for practicing.
In the bedroom, Ginny and Raashi are all dressed in their respective costumes and practicing the moves. Ginny tells Raashi to change the steps and let her and Raashi add the moves .Raashi denies as the moves they are doing are worth getting selected in top 14 and they needn’t change those moves. Sweety and Raavi come and see the dance of Ginny and Raashi and are shocked. Ginny and Raashi realize their presence and stop dancing shocked.

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