Parvarish 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Raavi sees that the man who was in charge of the place where she is kept is making tea and outside of the room where she is tied up, she manages to free herself and with a stick makes a sound. That man enters Raavi beats him with that stick on head .Though he is bleeding he tries to hold her ,she goes near her bag and uses pepper spray on his eyes, She tries her best to runaway ,but the man who cannot see for that moment takes out his knife ,he tries to harm her, but as she cannot see, It does not happen .But in this fight the kerosene have dropped from the container, that man hits his hand over the stove .His hand is burning and due to that all the places starts catching fire. Raavi does not understand what to do .She sees that man’s mobile, which was ringing, because the watchman called who , who with the thief was going somewhere in a bike. Raavi tactfully calls Lucky. Lucky ,Rocky and Police were searching Raavi ,At first Lucky does not take the phone call thinking it is an unknown number .Later when he takes the call, Raavi tells him everything ,that they have kept her in an isolated place far away from locality. She does not know what to do , she is perplexed and confused. Lucky suggests her to run towards the Highway .While doing that she fells on a chair, she gets hurt in head and faints.
Lucky puts the phone call in speaker, police traces the no and it’s present location in quick time using GPS .Lucky informs everything to Sweety,Pinky also gets to know about it. While the watchman and the thief have been tried to get the 3rd man in phone, but as Raavi was using it they got it busy,The watchman is suspicious, he orders the thief to roll back their bike to see the condition .While Raavi had mentioned about the watchman and thief ,Inspector orders to collect every details of the watchman.
The 3rd man when gets his consciousness back sees the who place have caught fir, he runs away from there ,when Raavi gets her consciousness ,she is constantly coughing .She remembers Pinky and Sweety’s word and starts crying for help.

Police have traced the place and trying to control the fire ,While Luck is searching for Raavi .The watchman and the thief is hiding in the same place and watching their actions .Raavi is is not shown .

Update Credit to: XVIRUS

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