Parvarish 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 21st January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with sweety asking lucky if he foud anything… lucky says we have found the auto with a cloth tht has chlorofoam. They kidnapped ravi and pinky takes the call when police asks another police to find out whether they have any cases on 16 year old girl either raped or in accidents at hospital. pinky is shocked and faint.. family tries to wake her up.. she screams raavi and runs but faints again… papaji facilitates her.. all kids crying and sweety is also crying..

police tells lucky that auto was the only evidence on which we would have found raavi but lucky is like now what? lucky says what do u mean police cant do anyting he pacifies rocky and says we will go in every corner of delhi but we will find raavi.. rocky hugs him.

Next scene moves to raavi in a dark place where the watchmen throws water on her face.. scary music in background..raavi pleads to let her go… wathmen says you are very smart if we had to let you go then why would we kidnap u?

At pinky’s house all try to facilitate her. when phone rings sweety says might be lucky but finds out tht its kidnaper.. he says you daughter is with us.. sweety is like raavi. kidnapper asks raavi whether her name is raavi.. she screams yes.. pinky asks whether raavi is okay kidnapper says she is fine but we dont know until when and asks for 20 lakh rupees of ransom. pinky is like dont do anyting to her i will give you whatever you need.. plz.. raavi is crying to let her go as wel… kidnapper tells we will call and tell u when and where to send money.. dont try to inform police and dont try to be smart..

lucky tells police abt ransom. head police tells another smaller police to call and keep the call on for atleast 3 min. when they try mobile is unreachable..he is like kidnapper is smart.. kidnapper come close to raavi and she says u will get ur money.. wehn kidnapper says kya kare yeh dil maange more…

pinky tries to arrangement for money and asks sweety and papaji for help… when she finds out they told police she hysterically starts crying again… paapji facilitates.. raavi on other side tries to free herself…

Precap: she is able to free her legs and starts running..

Update Credit to: cool127

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