Parvarish 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 21st February 2013 Written Update

Rocky-Rinku on the terrace

Rinku is weeping and is getting emotional. she tells she misses having a proper family — a brother or a sister. Rocky in order to console her says siblings can be very irritating. she then remembers her mother and tears roll down her cheeks. the entire atmosphere gets emotional. Rocky gets sentimental. Rinku then tells him how her mother use to cook “suji ka halwa” for her whenever she was not in a good mood.

Rocky sees “Toot Ta Tara” and asks Rinku to make a wish. She closes her eyes n wishes to get married to Ashok. Rocky closes his eyes and wishes that Rinku’s gets all that she wants in life and he says this aloud unlike Rinku. She thanks him.

Rocky stops her from being formal. he then says she can return the favor when she becomes

a doctor by treating him free of cost. He adds on saying even if they are not in the same place technology will always help them stay connected. Rinku on hearing this rushes to her room saying her dad must be trying her number.

Rinku-Ashok Convo:

Rinku calls Ashok who is angry at her for not giving enough time. she tells him she was with rocky. he gets even more angry and warns her from taking rocky’s name. rinku says rocky is the only way she can stay in this house safely.

Rocky-Ginni Convo

Ginni is listening to a radio show. Rocky enters the room and scolds her for listening to the radio so late at night. Ginni tells him about a new show on radio hosted by RJ Ehsaas — a guy who can woe anyone with his magical voice and has solution to any problem under the sun. Rocky at first laughs off but then tells Ginni to dial the number. He goes out of the room to talk to RJ Ehsaas… The love guru answers the call. Rocky tells him about Rinku saying he likes a girl and that girl is quite upset these days. He asks for a solution to bring back her smile. RJ Ehsaas gives a very romantic advice telling him to do something extra special for the girl; something that she likes; something that she will cherish; something that will make her feel important.

Rocky suddenly is remembered of “suji ka halwa” and thanks Ehsaas for guiding him

He runs to his room, searches for the recipe and goes to the kitchen.


Ashok is standing outside the alhuwalia house, she calls up Rinku. He tells her to come n meet him. There rocky is making halwa for Rinku.
Rinku and ashok meet up. he tells her about his plan of eloping the very next day. she gets hesitant. she tells him that each n every member of the family treats her like their daughter so in such a case if she vanishes then they all will get worried. ashok rebukes her by asking who is more important him or those people? she says the question is not about who is more important but about giving trouble to innocent people. she then asks for a day or two when she can make up a story n get out of the house.

rocky who is roaming in the entire house with the bowl of halwa in search of rinku accidentally reaches the place where rinku n ashok are talking and also over hears the entire conversation.

rocky is heart broken and has tears in his eyes. he runs inside. so does rinku..

Rocky-Rinku Convo:

Rocky is on the terrace weeping. rinku reaches there. she is about to say something but rocky interupts by saying how she is making a fool out of everyone and their love. rinku confesses. she then tells him how after his mother’s death her father left her in the hands of servants and was always bothered about his work. she says after many years of a loveless life she met ashok who filled that vaccum in her life.she assures rocky about ashok’s love. and also requests him to stay quite.. rocky brushes off her hand and goes away.

there pinky smells suji ka halwa and gets up from her sleep…

Precap: pinky sees bot rocky and rinku coming from the terrace and questions them as to what were they doing so late. rocky is silent so is rinku…

Update Credit to: neha

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