Parvarish 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 20th May 2013 Written Update

Sunny the Superman

Teachers are all helping Sunny. They think Sunny saved chemistry lab. Sunny is also playing along. Raashi comes but does not believe the story. Teachers all praise. Raashi accepts.

Pinky and Jeet arrives. They are so proud of him. Teachers take photos of Sunny for newspaper. Sunny is giving poses.

Back home. Nanu is also praising. Raashi is questioning…and Sunny manages. All are pampering him. Raashi is suspicious.

Ahluwalias House

Lucky has bought food from outside. Sweety asks will it be enough for 5. Lucky tells it is only for 3 as they both are going for a romantic dinner tonight. Sweety is very happy. Door bell rings. A guy comes and asks for the dabba back as it was not for them. Sweety is angry and goes to get the things. Rocky tells

Daadu that he knew something was wrong.


Sunny’s photo is on the notice board. All are praising him and wants to take photos with him. He is awarded the bravery award for school. Sunny feels bad that he has lied.

Ahluwalias House

Sweety packs everything angrily and gives dabba back. Sweety comes back and asks Lucky is he is not ashamed to lie like this and asks why he did this. Lucky tells he was so happy seeing her happy and did not have courage to tell her the truth. Sweety tells she is not sad that he lied but she is sad that he did not have the courage to tell the truth. Daadu tells what is the difference, they had opened the box and used everything before he came. So even if he had told the truth they would have done the same thing, returning things back. Sweety is silent. Lucky tells he realised that with small things like this there is huge happiness. He realised that they were not spending time together and were waiting for special day. But it is in their hands to make a normal day special day. Everyone asks Sweety to go for dinner with Lucky. Sweety accepts and leaves to get ready. Daadu gives thumbs up to Lucky.

Ahujas House

Pinky said she needs to go outside for business and asks Jeet to pick up Sunny. Jeet tells Sunny is a brave boy, so he will come by himself. Pinky tells he may be brave but he is a little boy. So Jeet has to go. He agrees.

Apartment Corridor

Sunny takes promise from his friend and tells him the truth. Friend tells it does not matter who started the fire, but Sunny was brave enough to extinguish it. So he deserves to get award. Both leave, suddenly Sunny turns and sees Jeet standing. He wonders if Jeet heard the truth.

Ahujas House

Sunny tells Pinky that he is going to get award. Pinky is very happy. Sunny leaves. Pinky goes to make Aloo paratha, Jeet stops and says he needs to speak something important. He takes her to their room and tells Sunny is lying. He tells what happened to Pinky. Both are worried what could have happened. Pinky is angry. Jeet stops and tells Sunny himself is guilty which he found when he spoke with his friend. HE tells they need to give him an opportunity to tell the truth. Pinky agrees.

Sunny Room

He is getting nightmare as if many are shouting for him to save them from fire. Sunny gets up shouting that he cannot save them. Everyone come. Raavi gives bahaduri lectures. She tells him not to get scared for such small things. Raashi and Raavi decides to be in his room.

Jeet and Pinky wonder whether Sunny will tell the truth.


Update Credit to: Shwets1502

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