Parvarish 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 20th February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Rinku entering the bedroom and Rocky drooling at her. Raavi comes to warn Rocky to not fell in love with such type of girl who is cheating and has a boyfriend, too. Rocky doesn’t believe Raavi as her is sure that Rinku cannot do such thing. Rinku hears their conversation and calls Ashok; but Rocky knocks the door to call Rinku for having lunch. Raavi is angry and also on the dining table she sees Rocky with rage. Rocky helps Rinku to serve. But Raavi is very angry with Rocky’s behavior.

Sunny tells everyone to play dumbcharades. They all start playing it. Nanu, Sunny, Ginny, Raavi, Pinky are in one team and Rinku, Rocky, Sweety, Raashi in the other. Sunny gives a film to act but Rocky enacts the film name as ‘I love you’ which Rinku guesses. Sunny tells

that he had not given the film as I love You it was actually ‘Haathi mere Saathi’ and they both start quarreling. Sweety & Pinky laugh and tell them to stop. Then Raavi gives Rinku a film – ‘Jhoot bole kavva kaante’ and Rinku is in a shock and doesn’t act anything.

Dolly calls everyone to eat ice cream (or something else) and then continue the game. Rinku serves everyone and Nanu [who is sitting besides Rinku] gets up and taking the chance, Rocky sits besides Rinku and starts talking. By then, Raashi suddenly recognizes Rinku who was at the bus stop throwing chits at Ashok and Raashi also informs that to Raavi who knew it. Raavi again tries to convince Rocky also followed by Raashi & Ginny. They all start quarreling again. Pinky & Sweety watches them and hug them. Rinku watches all this and little tears drop from her eyes [I think cuz she doesn’t have mother].

At Ahuja’s house: at night, Raavi gets up remembering Rocky’s piece of tongue that “I don’t believe you (Raavi) and my Rinku cannot do such thing” with so much assurance. Raavi gets up and comes out in hall in a deep thought. Pinky sees her and asks her that if anything is wrong. Raavi asks her that “If someone is doing wrong, then what we should do/advise him/her?” Pinky asks her questions tensed but then Pinky replies, “When this situation comes, you should always listen to our heart because till now what decisions you had made had never gone wrong because I [Pinky] know that you will take a right decision.” and also advises that to sleep otherwise it will affects Raavi’s health and also that a new day arrives with a solution to every problem. At the Ahluwalia’s, Rocky comes in the balcony in search of RInku [may be] and music starts from background. They moves forward towards each other and Rocky says the three magic words.

Precap :- Ashok tells Rinku that they both are going to his hometown. Rinku asks him that “So early?” He replies that they are leaving the next day at 5 am. Rocky hears their conversation [in trauma] and unknowingly drops the bowl with some food which he had brought for Rinku.

Update Credit to: PhoenixSnitch49

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