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Parvarish 2 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adi snatches Jogi’s phone and deletes MMS and says he cannot send it to Ria now, he should have bought 4G phone. Jogi says he will inform Ria that he is here. Adi says Ria will believe her boyfiend than him and calls Ria via Jogi’s phone. Jogi tells that Adi is lying and is right in front of her. Ria does not trust her and disconnects call. Jogi says he will go right now and show Ria that he is lying. Adi says let us race till home and runs. Adi’s friend holds Jogi. Jogi frees himself and runs.

Surinder calls Jassi and asks her to come home soon. Jassi while talking over phone clashes with car and meets with an accident. She falls down unconscious. Surinder and Kulvinder rush to the spot and bring her home. Doc checks her and says she got hairline fracture and should rest for 20 days and she may get convulsions if she stresses herself.

Jogi reaches Adi’s home and asks Ria to get in while he gets Adi’s dad busy. He knocks door and tells dad that someone scratched his car and takes him out. Ria enters in and gets into Adi’s room. She does not find him there and thinks Jogi is right and Adi lied her. Adi coughs from washroom and comes out. Ria thinks Jogi lied. Adi asks what is he doing here and badmouths about Jogi that he is having a crush on her.

Jassi comes to Kulvinder’s room with a medal and tells a boy won this medal for winning in poetry competition and says boy was cricket champion but met with an accident and lost his chance, so his darji asked him to write and he won poetry competition with medal and 100 rs price. She says boy is her pappaji and hugs him. Kulvinder gets emotional.

Adi gives Ria exam papers and says he wasted her study time, so she should keep it. She hesitates, but he insists, so she keeps it.

Precap: Jassi says Kulvinder that she wants to win as she wants her papa proudly tell whole world that his daughter is a champion. Simran finds question papers on Ria’s room floor and Ria gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yr is jogi mad or what ?? Yeh riya hamesha usse fasa rahi hai aur Adi toh super villain banta jaa raha hai sirf ek jassi hi serious hai for exams

    1. so true
      hate the fact jogi is helping ria
      ria needs to ge a big tight slap from
      jaisa papa mr kapoor waisa beta aditya lol
      cvs are giving big hints of love triangle
      aditya ria jogi

  2. why are the cvs dragging aditya ankita joi riya drama so much
    was jassi accident intentional
    just 4-5 episodes aditya became full on negative character lol
    soty has been going on for two months ls end this track and start with a new school track

  3. Post story in detail yaar

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