Parvarish 2 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Running race starts with Ria, Jassi, and other girls running. Simran cheers up for Ria while Surinder, Jogi and Aditya cheer up for Jassi. Jassi falls down while running. Kulvinder tries to run to help her, but Surinder stops him. Jassi reminisces Raj feeling helpless to pay school fees, Surinder’s concern for her, and she promises her parents that she will make them proud. She turns back and sees Surinder encouraging her to get up and run and even others encouraging her. Coach says this competition is for winners and asks Jassi to get up and run. Other students run and press button and first question computer screen emerges that which mineral is most abundant in human body, iron, calium or potassium. Jassi gets up and runs and presses button.

Kulvinder thinks which mineral

is abundant in human body. Dr. Raj shouts calcium. Kulvinder says this is cheating. Simran says students did not hear Raj. Coach shouts that students should not listen to parents as they have just come for entertainment and not to help. Ria presses wrong answe followed by others. Jassi presses right answer and bucket hole closes. Ria reminisces Raj telling her that drinking milk is essential as it has calcium and her bones are made of calcium. She also presses calcium and wins followed by other student.

Coach answers second question who asked raja Bhagirath to lessen ganga’s flow when he comes on earth, shiv, hamalay, or karthikey. Surinder says Jassi knows this answer. Jassi gives right answer followed by Ria and other student. Third question is which is world’s biggest animal. Jassi gives right answer and takes bucket. Ria gives answer next followed by other students. Coach then announces to take water in bucket and reach other stage. Jassi falls last again and coach says she once again is last. Jassi reaches finally. Kulvinder says this is not fair, he will complain. Surinder stops him and says this is Jassi’s fight and she has to fight alone. Kulvinder says Jassi is a kid and walked holding parent’s fingers. Surinder says she is not a kid now and left their fingers.

Coach says another student has to help their teammate. Another coach says students will be shown colors in sequence and they have to step on colors in same sequence. Kulvinder says he did not understand. Simran says it is simple mind game. Dolly and other students observe color pattern carefully and then start stepping on color boxes. Dolly steps on wrong box repeately but then finally walks out. Simran reminds Surinder how Surinder used to win competition and she used to clap for her.

Coach announces next step with students carrying water bucket on cycle and handing it over to other team members and whoever steps feet down will waste time. Jogi’s turn come next with him and other students riding bicycle carrying bucket and giving it to other students. Jassi has to cheer up for other student but cheers up Jogi. Aditya scolds her. Coach says first students have to lean reverse and pick water and drop it in bucket and whoever fills bucket first will win. Jassi leans and picks water while Aditya holds her. Kulvinder shows his concern again that Jassi will get drowsy. Surinder asks him to relax. Jassi and others pick water in mug and drop it in bucket while other students cheer them. Jealous student taunts Jassi that if this competition was about filling bucket with tears, she would have won long ago. Aditya asks Jassi not ignore jealous student and complete her target. Surinder encourages Jassi while Simran encourages Jassi. Coach keenly observes all students.

Aditya continues encouraging Jassi, but she and other students gets very tired. Kulvinder and Surinder encourage Jassi. Ria reminisces Simran promising her that she will not interfere in her life again if she wins competition. Jassi reminisces that she has to win it for her parents. Coach comments that Jassi and Ria are tired and will they move ahead in competition.

Precap: All students’ water in bucket is measured and coach says #1 team is team C. Jealous student and her team jump in happiness. Coach thens ays #2 team is… Everyone look at him eagerly.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awesome epieode
    Big clap to all the teen student actors
    most difficult task
    was the image sequence which was done by Rajesh Dolly Ankush Archana
    The second difficult task
    was bucket cycling done by meenu Jogi mayank priyanka
    Tough competition for last task
    Was with rajesh Ankita Kuldeep Jassi riya

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