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Parvarish 2 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi tells dadaji that she trusts papaji and knows he will not fail as father. Surinder sees someone’s accident, imagines Kulvinder and panics. She turns turns and sees Kulvinder washing gurdwara’s floor. She goes and asks what is he doing here. He says he could not handle family well, so he thought of serving gurdwara at least. She says whole family is tensed seeing him missing.

Ria stands outside Adi’s home and messages him to meet her. Adi peeps from door, then shows message to his dad, and says now Ria will not study and he can go and chill. Dad smirks.

Kulvinder asks Surinder to tell if she is not ashamed of him. She asks why he thinks that, he is soul of their family. They both then serve dal roti. Old couple requests to give 2 more rotis are

they are hungry. A man watches them and informs Kulvinder and Surinder that they were having rich business and took care of children and grand children well, but when business flopped, family felt them as burden and ransacked them in gurdwara. Surinder tells Kulvinder that their children want to help them, but some children feel their parents as burden. Jogi calls her and she says Kulvinder his son considers him as hero and he should decide what to tell him and gives him phone. Kulvinder picks call. Jogi thinks it is Surinder and says he did not find papaji anywhere, so it is better to give police complaint. Kulvinder says he is fine and had come to gurdwara away from Surinder’s taunts, but she found him even here. Jogi gets happy and asks him to come home soon. Kulvinder holds Suringer’s hand and reaches home. Biji scolds him for going without informing anyone.

Simran waits for Ria and calls her. Ria calls Jogi and asks him to tell mom that she is studying with him. He says they would have gone to library. Ria says she wants to study with Adi, but he is not angry on her and not coming out of house. He passes by a restaurant and sees Adi with Ankita and puppets. He records video to send it to Ria, but lady sees him and alerts Adi and puppets. Jogi runs and Adi with puppets runs behind him. Jogi hides in dustbin. Jassi calls him just then and asks where is papaji. He says mamaji and papaji reached home and asks her also to go home. He is about to send video to Ria when Adi and puppets open lid and look at him.

Precap: Jassi walks on street talking over phone to Kulvinder and meets with an accident.

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