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Parvarish 2 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder tells Kulvinder that they should meet Sweety and take help from her, she is sure she will help them with adoption papers. Jogi hears their conversation hiding and thinks he is adopted child. He goes to his room and sleeps sadly.

In the morning, Kulvinder and Surinder reach Sweety’s office building. Kulvinder goes searching Sweety’s office. Orphanage officer stops Surinder and asks if she brought papers. She says they are in locker. He says she must have come to seek help from Sweety, but she is the one who called them and informed something is wrong. Surinder runs and stops Kulvinder and they both hear Sweety asking assistant to get Khurana’s file as she wants to analyze if they are right.

Officer signals them to come aside. They both follow him. He says they can keep Jassi with them if they give him 50,000 rs bribe. Kulvinder agrees and walks out to bring money, but Surinder stops him and says they should inform Jassi that she is their adopted daughter and get adoption papers legally.

Jogi feels that he is adopted and taunts Jassi that she is like her mamma are same. He then walks towards terrace. Ria and Dolly sing ramta jogi song and taunt him. He ignores them and walks towards terrace. Ria says something is wrong and she will check. Dolly taunts her that she is upset that someone ignored her for the first time. Ria says no.. Jassi comes and asks if she saw her veerji/brother. Ria says he went to terrace. Aditya comes and informs that some guy is trying jump from terrace. Jassi tensely runs towards terrace.

Jogi climbs terrace wall and reminisces Ria’s words that she thinks he is adopted. Ria and Jassi reach terrace and request to come down. Surinder gets Jassi’s call and informs Kulvinder that they have to go to school immediately.

Precap: Surinder with Kulvinder reaches school and ask Ria and Jassi where is Jogi. Jassi points at crowd and police.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh my God who committed Suicide was that the mystery school girl who bumped into Jogi and jassi or was it Jogi .
    Is it me or ria is softening to jassi . I think ria and Jogi gonna end up together . Great another qaudtriangle in the show .

    1. Hahaha…anita…the serial’s name is partvarish(upbringing),do you think the writers would put a love story in between?

      1. lol they definately would ( raavi and her numerous love dramas and rocky – rinku thakeli story ) but now its not parvarissh its all about jassi n her parvarissh drama

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