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Parvarish 2 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria’s friends mimic Jassi and taunt Ria that she has joker neighbours. Ria says Suri aunty is marvelous. Friend says they will see when Suri aunty comes. Boy who jumped wall passes by and Ria says she will rag him. Friend says he is senior. Ria does not listen and tries to rag him. Boy rags Ria instead and asks if she forgot to address her senior as sir and calls her julie. Ria gets afraid. Friend apologizes Boy and they all enter class room.

Everyone get into class. Boy also enters. Ria asks why is he here. He asks if they are from this class. Teacher comes just then and says they have 2 new joiness today, Jassi and this boy. Boy nerously stands in front. Boy slips while shaking hands with jassi and whole class laughs on him. Teacher makes them silent.

Jassi and Jogi reach home. Kulvinder asks how was their first day. Jassi says school is really good and has big library and students are handsome like Biji’s films. Surinder takes her to kitchen and asks if everything is fine. Jassi says she is fine and as she told she wants to be smart and make her proud. Surinder hugs.

In room, Surinder tells Kulvinder that she wants to help as their expenses have gone up. He says if she really wants to help him, she should get Jassi and Jogii’s scholarship. Surinder gets tensed.

Ria in the morning looks at her poor report card and thinks if mom sees, she will scold her. Simran comes and Ria throws report card near dustbin. Simran says she will drop her school today. Ria gets tensed.

At breakfast, Dadaji gets temped seeing Jogi’s ghee smeared paratha and signals him to give. Dadi stops him and asks to have dry paranthas. Dadaji sadly eats breakfast while everyone laugh at him.

Simran gets a call to reach his jewelry shop and tells Ria that she cannot drop her now. Ria happily says she will go alone. Surinder tries to stop Kulvinder from taking Jassi and Jogi to school. Kulvinder insists that he will go to school and ask about scholarship. Surinder at last agrees that there is no scholarship in school.

Surinder at school asks Ria why did not Simran come to school to get her report card. Ria says papa is coming. Simran panics seeing Ria’s poor report card.

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  1. i can relate to ria in many ways but ragging thats not really accepted

  2. Same here diya

  3. I have recently started watching this show.
    Simran wants her daughter to be like Jassi, and Surinder wants her daughter to be like Riya.
    Is it true?

    1. Yes exactly. …..

    2. I m like 50% Riya and 50% Jassi.
      And my mom is like 50% Simran and 50% Surinder 🙂

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