Parvarish 2 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach Sumer announces Ria as SOTY 2nd round’s winner. Jassi congrats Ria and Ria reminisces that her win is her win and loss is her loss. Jogi comes and says Jassi that she is winner as Ria stole her presentation and is a thief, whatever outsiders feels, insiders know that she is a winner. Ria angrily leaves. Adi stops her and congrats her and says she wanted to win competition at any cost. Ria says she was wrong, she is feeling defeated for winning with a trick. She wanted to win to prove herself, but now wants to win for her mom as mom is her inspiration. He says she is right, she should make her mom feel proud of her but thinks he will break mother-daughter’s trust to win this competition.

Sumer goes on stage and says this round is finished and out of 20 students, 6 will

go home and 14 will go to next round. He asks all students to go out and once they rush out, he tells parents that all parents want their children to win, their upbringing reflects in their children’s personality and after a bit of speech says during next round he is taking students for a 3 day 2 night outing and whoever has objection can get their children’s name out. Simran gets tensed that Ria will be with Jogi out of station.

Ria goes to her class and sees heart in flowers with a wrist band on desk. Jassi comes and says she won and it calls for celebration. She says he is cutest. He tries to dorn her wrist band and purposefully breaks it and acts. Ria says it is okay, she will keep it in her personal locker where her mom does not check it and they can get it repaired later. Adi then meets Ankita and Meena and asks if Meena will do her job for sure. Ankita says yes.

Jassi at home reminisces Adi, Ria, and Ankita’s misbehaviors and writes their names on paper. Jogi asks her to not pay attention to unimportant people and concentrate on SOTY competition. Jassi says mamma told not to trouble anyone and if someone troubles us, not to spare them. She will do same and will teach them a lesson if the trouble her again. Jogi comments rat became tigress, it is good.

Kulvinder tells Surinder that if they send Jogi out of city, he will spoil moer. She says even school has some responsibility and Jogi and Jassi will bond with each other more. She signs form. Simran on other side says Raj that she does not want to send Ria out. Raj convinces her with his explanation that Ria has changed and wanted to confess her mistake, so they should let her try and go out of station with team. He signs papers and asks her to go for it. Jassi tells mamma and pappaji that she lost today. Surinder says not to worry, she was true winner today. Kulvinder gives signed papers and Jogi is surprised. Simran goes to Ria’s room and says she wants her to be true to herself and if she lies, it will be her momsie’s loss. She gives her signed papers and leaves. Ria smiles and then hides Adi’s gifted waist band in her personal cupboard.

All students gather at school with bags. Adi says Ria that this trip will be memorable to them. She says yes. He asks where is her broken bracelet. She says it is cute one and she will tell truth to momsie as she wants to regain momsie’s trust. Adi says before their trust rebuilds, he will throw bomb of cute little bracelet. Rahul comes near Jassi and takes out choc to give it to her. Jogi comes and snatches choc and thanks Rahul. Rahul says it is melted, his teeth will spoil. Jogi says it is okay. Lady coach comes and asks everyone are ready. Jogi says yes but where is Sumer sir. Lady coach says Sumer will come later and this round will be really tough for them. She asks everyone to get into bus now.

All students reach a beautiful bungalow for next round. Ankita says it is a beautiful bungalow. Jogi jokes and says someone will come from pool and will say they are meeting again after 20 years. Jassi asks him to stop frightening them. Adi says if Sumer sir has selected this bungalow, there must be some twist. Jassi goes near pool. Ankita comes and taunts that here there is no mammaji or pappaji and she may slip and fall. Jassi holds her hands and asks what if she slips and falls instead and pushes her, but holds. Ankita gets afraid.

Precap: Sumer shows 3 rings to students and says red ring means danger. Jassi says Ankita her red says are starting now.

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  1. Why rahul tried give chocolate to jassi and he is behaving weird?Anyone tell me, plz.

  2. Because rahul like her

  3. And jogi is being over protective of jassi. You see, ankita wanted to date Rahul from the SOTY party after the finalist were finalsed. But remember jassi spoiled the impression of ankita on Rahul? Since then Rahul tell in love with jassi

  4. Now jassi has become very strong and confident. Loved the way she spoke to ankita. Rahul and jassi really looked very cute today. But jogi became kabab mein haddi..

  5. Jassi new avtar, the strong and confident one is totally outstanding. Love the way she spoke to Ankita. She deserves it! Coming to the Jassi and Rahul scenes, I always liked Rahul from the start but he seemed a little over confident but still he and Jassi look cute together. I would love to see them together. I hope that during this round of the competition Ria learns about what Aditya had been planning and how he had been betraying her all the time.

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