Parvarish 2 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria calls Jogi and tells they made an accident yesterday night. He asks her to stop thinking like Jassi. She says they hit someone yesterday and hit and run case news is being airedon TV, they even have CCTV footage. Kulvinder comes and asks where is remote, he needs to watch hit and run case news. Jogi silently hides remote and says he saw coackroach. Kulvinder jumps on sofa and asks Suri to kill cockroach soon. Jogi says he is going to school now and leaves with Jassi. Ria joins them and they discuss how will they escape this.

They all 3 reach school and inform Adi. Adi also panics. Ria cries that it all hapened because of her. Jogi asks not to blame herself. Adi checks news on his mobile and sees inspector telling he found CCTV footage of car with 4 children in it, but footage is blur, he will find thme for sure and put them behind bars. They all 4 panic and Jassi says she will inform parents.

Peon informs them that principal is calling them and inspector as come to meet them. They all get more tensed and reach principal’s office. Inspector says he will meet them tomorrow and leaves. Principal says they will have to go to police station tomorrow with their parents. Adi asks why. Peon brings 2 class bunking students and principal gets busy with them and asks them again to reach police station with their parents tomorrow. They come out and Jassi says she will inform mammaji for sure.

Kulvinder and Surinder are busy watching TV when Suri gets call from school and speaks tensely. Jogi and Ria reach home. Family starts frightening them why did not they inform such a big thing. They both get afraid more. Kulvinder starts next and then says they made him proud. Family then laughs. Beeji says her children are role model and hit and run culprit children are criminals, continues yelling at them. They switch on TV. Biji says car looks like Simran’s car. Jogi switches off TV and asks Biji and Suri to prepare his favorite dishes.

Precap: Ria sees inspector at her door steps and afraidly drops sauce bowl. Inspector says this is called catching red-handed.

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  1. ok did jassi just saw one of her male classmates with blood on his face
    this new inspector looks suspicious
    why didnt principal get fired after terrorits track
    whos that boy who got hit by the car atleast show his face
    where is abhimayu and his friends

  2. omg….really crazy

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