Parvarish 2 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder ecouranges Jassi and sends her into school with Ria and Jogi. Jogi jokes with Ria that he saw a beautiful babe like Aliya bhatt. Ria’s friends see her with Jassi and Jogi and ask if she is their friend and bodyguard. Ria nervously says no. Friends start ragging Jogi and Jassi. Jassi gets very afraid.

Surinder tries to peep into school via compound wall. A student comes there and asks if she is trying to jump in and asks since how many years she is failing. She says her children are studying here and it is their first day, so she is worried. He says then new students will rag her. Surinder gets tensed. He asks her to help him climb wall. She helps and asks to take care of her daughter. He says it is also his first day and he will protect himself first and

jumps in.

Students continue ragging Jassi and taunt her that she is alien to wear chudidar on uniform. Jassi says she is not alien. They continue ragging and ask Jogi to dance. Jogi dances and flirts with a girl. They praise his dancing skill and then start back on Jassi. Jassi calls veerji for help. They ask Jogi who is veerji. Jogi says he is veerji. They ask Jassi to dance then. She gets more afraid and says she wants to go to class. They laugh her and ask girls to take her to class. Ria takes her to class with other girls and locks classroom. Jassi pleads to let her go. Ria starts ragging and smears her face white and red like a joker and makes her run in whole school. All students laugh on her. She clashes with a boy who jumped wall and they both fall. He says her make up is very good and she can participate in school’s drama. She runs from there also and sits outside on bench.

Surinder with Simran tries to enter school, but watchman stops her. She says it is her child’s first day and she is nervous. Watchman asks if she is in LKG. Simran says 12th. Watchman says then students will rag her and they don’t even spare him. Surinder gets tensed. Simran says she call principal and take permission to enter. Watchman says he will after principal permits. Surinder then tries to jump wall, but Simran stops her and says she should trust her upbringing.

Jogi follows Jassi and asks who smeared her face like joker and asks if it is Ria. Jassi says yes. Just then Surinder sends encouraging message to Jassi’s mobile and tries to jump wall again. Jogi says mamma is outside and they will complain her against Ria. Jassi says it is her problem and she will face it instead of complaining mamma always, how will she feel proud then. Surinder emotionally cries hearing that and thinks her daughter is a brave tigress.

Precap: Jassi comes back home after school and Kulvinder asks how was her school’s first day. Surinder asks if anyone bullied her. Jassi says as she says big city needs big courage.

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  1. Awesome story.

  2. Wow.. Nice.. Jassi is believing on herself..

  3. ragging is the only thng i fear .nd thats y am afraid to change my scl nxt yr after 10th’s boards .

  4. I just love watching this show…. This is my favorite from season 1

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