Parvarish 2 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder says Simran that Ria stole Jassi’s CD. Simran asks Ria if she stole CD. Ria says no, why will she. Simran says Surinder that she got her answer. Surinder leaves.

Adi scolds Ankita that he wanted Ria out, but she tricked Jassi instead and stole her CD. Ankita says this time Ria and next time it will be Ria, finally they will win competition.
Jassi comes on stage and starts her presentation. Everyone laugh that she is representing Ria’s idea. Sumer says sometimes children represent same ideas unknowningly, but only best will win.

Ria confesses Simran that she stole Jassi’s CD and says she is afraid that she will get angry. Simran says she will never get angry on her, but with her win, her good upbringing will lose today.

After presentation, Rahul taunts Jassi that she was looking confident even after copying Ria’s idea. Jassi angrily leaves. Jogi stops her and says let us tell Sumer that Ria stole her presentation. Jassi says she knows what to do. Jogi then goes and gives his safai adhyan presentation.

Ria sees Jassi speaking to Sumer, runs and tells Sumer that Jassi is right, it was her idea and Jassi represented it. Sumer says Jassi was saying same and now let us see who will win. Once he leaves, Jassi says Ria that she won today by stealing her idea, but her Surinder aunty lost today. She will lose in next round for sure. Sumer goes on stage and announces Ria as winner of this round.

Precap: Coach Sumer announces next round and says students will go on outing for 2 days 3 nights with him. Jassi says she will win this round.

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  1. Thanks ma 4 d update

  2. Ria such a loser I so hate her

  3. Omg ria is litreally a freaking Dumbass. I mean she 1. Believes aditya and ankita in whatever they do and two just because adi poured water on her presentation, she decided to steal jassi ‘s presentation? And simran is supporting her by not scolding her. Sumer sir announces ria as the winner but he also knows that jassi is the actual winner. I hope SOTY finishes soon because they are dragging It a lot.

  4. can someone please explain as what jassi told ria?

    why does simran support bad?
    i actually feel bad for ria. she’s a nice girl and it’s adi and ankita’s mistake. Ria must have got very upset thinking it was jassi. But later, ria felt guilty about stealing jassi’s presentation. Ria felt guilty within 1 epi. when will adi and ankitea feel guilty? It’s been 98 episodes, they haven’t realized their mistake

  5. I really feel jassi and Rahul look cute together. But I don’t understand his character. Whether he is good or bad. It was really sweet of him to save her from the goons. But he even irritates her sometimes by taunting her.

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