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Parvarish 2 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi continues panicking in dirt pit. Adi asks her to stop crying and think a way of getting out from here. She throws her bag out and says they can clip tree branch and get out of here. He says he knew she is intelligent and ties even his bag and throws them, but it does not clasp tree branch. Jogi and Ria continue walking in jungle. Jogi continues his jokergiri. Ria says they will find food on the oppiste side. Their argument starts. Adi ties his jacket along with bags and throws it on tree branch and it clasps branch. He asks Jassi to hold him, else she will be dragged and will get injured. She jumps on him and he tries to come out of ditch. Ria and Jogi continue to walk. Sumedh relaxes seeing Adi and Jassi getting out of ditch. Armed goons follow Ria and Jogi.

Raj calls

police and inspector asks if something is missing from home. Raj says no. Inspector asks who has keys of his home. Raj says him, his wife, and daughter. Surinder’s mobile falls and she bends to pick it and finds camera on table. She shows it to inspector. Inspector says it is CCTV camera and asks constables to search home. Goons who are watching inform their boss to do his job fast.

Ria and Jogi continue walking and find food bag on tree. Jogi starts his jokergiri and picks Ria to pick bag. Armed goons discuss to kidnap Ria soon when Jogi’s attention diverts. Jogi asks Ria what she eats, she is so heavy. He drops her down and holds. Jassi comes out of pit and cries. Adi says she is fine and just her clothes are dirty, they have to reach point B soon.

Inspector asks Raj if he has any enemies. Raj says he is a simple doc and does not have enemies but has high-profile patients. Inspector asks who. He takes some names and even politician goswamy’s. Inspector says Goswamy was attacked some days ago and even Jassi was telling same.

Armed goon signals his partner to shoot Jogi and kidnap Jassi. Jogi drops Ria again and starts his jokergiri. He asks her to come running and jump from his shoulder and pick bag and jump down. Ria says no. He asks if she is sure. She agrees. He picks her and falls down again. Jassi while walking with Adi starts fighting with him. She sees armed goon and stands in a shock, reminiscing seeing him on terrace.

Precap: Armed goons force-smell chloroform to Jogi and kidnap Ria.

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  1. O God I have to wait till Monday for this jogi aur ria ka kya hoga

  2. Wat de hell.why dey r kidnapping ria

  3. N thnx fr De missing part anita

  4. N dais u r right we have 2 wait till Monday. Nd I really want jassi n adi 2 be a cople

  5. Haha do you really think Adi is positive now?

    1. dont know if aditya is tuning positive
      if they plan to make rahul bac may be not
      the girl who plys meenu is coming bac she told in one video that means even ankita will be bac

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