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Parvarish 2 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mechanic informs Suri, Kulvinder and team that one more similar car had come after children’s car left. Team gets happy and asks if he remembers who was in car. He says he does not remember, but he keeps a log in book. He checks and finds accident day’s record missing. Team gets sad. Jassi asks how he gets payment. He says via card. Jassi says then he must be having slips. He goes inside to find slips when a masked man calls his boss and on boss’s order hits mechanic’s head and tries to snatch slips. Jogi enters and masked man escapes. Mechanic says he must be a thief who wanted to steal money, but ran away seeing only slips. He hands over slips to Jogi.

Team reaches back home. Jogi says should reach to the address of all 3 car owners and find out who has

car like Raj’s. Kulvinder praises that his son is intelligent like him. Raj says it was his dea to reach mechanic. Jogi says slip idea was his and card’s Jassi’s, then why are they taking credit. Kulvinder says they are intelligent because of elders. Jassi says they should interrogate accident victim Abhimanyu and get a clue.

Jassi, Adi, Simran and Suri reach hospital. Suri acts as having severe headache to divert policemen’s accident while Suri with adi and Jassi get into Abhimanyu’s room. Abhimanyu getshyper seeing Adi and Jassi and tris to hit them. Suri stops him and asks why is he so angry on her children. He says they hit him in party and escaped. Jassi asks if he remembers how he met with accident. He says no, nothing and says it is all because of them, he will get them arrested. Suri asks what will he gain with it. DCP Pandey enters and asks what will Abhimanyu gain and what are they discussing. He asks Abhimanyu if he remember anything and why is he angry on Jassi and Adi. Abhimanyu says they are good friends and enjoyed party, then they left early, he went late and met with an accident, so he is angry that he would have left with them early. He asks Suri if he is right. Suri says yes. DCP says Suri she is protecting children like a good mother, but they will be caught soon and he is eagerly waiting for proof against them.

Raj at home calls credit card company and asks to give adress of 3 slips. They says they cannot disclose confidential data. Suri comes back with Adi and Jassi and tells now they have to face issue openly instead of hiding and should meet DCP Pandey. Whole team reaches DCP’s home. DCP opens door and is surprised to see them.

Precap: Simran tells Pandey that he knows children are innocent. Pandey says only he and they know, but evidences are against children, so he cannot stop their arrest.

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