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Parvarish 2 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder informs Kulvinder that Jassi is not at home. He gets tensed. Surinder goes and informs orphanage officers that Jassi is resting and will come later.

Jassi waits at bus stop. Bus conductor asks if she wants to go to Amritsar. She says no and gets into auto to go toVasanth vihar.

Surinder tells Kulvinder and Bebe that Jassi must have gone out for a walk. Kulvinder scolds Bebe that because of her, Jassi left home. Bebe says she did not know Jassi would elope. Surinder asks not to say that as her daughter is not like that. Kulvinder says he is so tensed, even then she is confident on her daughter.

Jassi falls asleep in auto. Driver asks which route she wants to take. She says whichever has less traffic and falls asleep again. Driver smirks and continues driving.


and Kulvinder inform officers that Jassi will come in some time. Darji asks to bring snacks. Jogi comes down and asks where is Jassi, she is not in her room. Surinder gets nervous and takes him to kitchen. He says what if something happens to Jassi, he will go and search her. She asks to check at Simran’s home.

Jassi wakes up and sees auto in secluded area and driver talking to someone. She gets afraid and runs from here. Driver starts following her. Kulvinder passes on bike but does not notic Jassi. She reaches Gurudwara and gets in. She prays and comes out. Driver stops her. She runs but finds road end and pleads to spare her. Driver says she left her bag and asks to give his auto fair. She gives money and he leaves.

Jogi goes to Simran’s house and asks if Jassi came here. She says no. He leaves. She tells Raj that Surinder is tensed and she should go to her home. Raj stops her and says when she did not seek her help, she should not go.

Officer asks Surinder to get Jassi’s adoption papers. She gets tensed and says she does not have papers. Officer says she cannot keep child without papers. Another officer says he doubted earlier itself, child and papers are not here, what did they do with the child. Senior officer says if child does not come back , he will call police.

Precap: Kulvinder says he will file police complaint. Darji says their dignity will be at stake. Surinder says he should as Jassi’s safety is important first.

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