Parvarish 2 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Criminal gets a call from his partner that he can enter house and fix cameras all over house to capture Raj and Simran’s each move. He fixes camera all over house.

Jassi gets leg sprain and tells Aditya she cannot walk any more. He picks her and walks. Jogi with Ria walks and discusses food. Ria says she is hungry. Jogi takes out choc. Ria insists to share with him and during their tussle, choc falls in a pit. Jogi scolds her but stops seeing CCTV camera. Sumed watches them on screen.

Darji asks Surinder why did she send children to jungle instead of letting them at home. Raj calls Surinder and asks her to check if Simran is fine as her phone is not reacable, says he knows they are not in talking terms but it is Simran’s life’s issue.

Jogi requests Ria

to walk and find food. She asks him to say sorry. He with his drama agrees and they both walk. Adi walks picking Jassi. Jassi asks him to let her down. Theyboth slip and fall down in a dirty pit. Ria finds a small fruit and tries to eat. Jogi says it is unusual fruit and throws it. Rat eat it. Ria scolds him and their fight starts. Rat dies. Jogi says if she had eaten fruit, her dead body would also have been fallen here, he saved her. She says sorry and thank you. He asks if she is speaking to him. She says there is nothing in jungle. He says they can have rat. She says chee..

Criminal is still busy in fixing cameras. Surinder comes and knocks door. She hears something falling down and shouts if Nikki is fine. Simran comes from outside and asks what is she doing here.

Jassi starts panicking in dirt pit, shouts she does not want to die and tries to show red flag, but Adi holds her mouth and says if she quits, even he will be out. He asks her to keep quiet. She shouts again. Sumed watches them on laptop. Peon gives coffee and asks why don’t he go and rescue children. Sumed says his man is already watching them and if they aer in danger, he will save them.

Surinder tells Simran that Raj had called and asked to check her. Simran says someone called and told Raj met with an accident and is in Chanakyapuri hospital. Surinder asks who is`inside then. They both enter house and criminal gets alerted. He fixes gun. Surinder picks vase and tries to hit hm, but he pushes her and runs. Simran asks who was he. Surinder says she does not know.

Jassi continues panicking and praying god to win her brother and she is comihng to him without meeting her parents. Adi asks her to stop her drama. Jassi continues her drama.

Precap: Police informs Raj and Simran that someone has fixed surveillance cameras in his whole house and asks if someone is with his daughter for her safety.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow a funny episode indeed but what’s going on with the Gupta family cameras n all….the goons target is only Gupta family so there must be some secret

  2. why the terrorists after gupta family what happend to amy abhid did the terrorist catch them or what amy abhid sces are so fresh n they look cute seriously cant tolerate jassi wailing
    cvs why are jogi riya amy a bhid wearing same blue shirt ( girls ) red shirt (boy) hmm looks like terrorist will get confused kidnap the the wrong kids ie amy abhid instead of jogi ria

    1. I don’t think Amy and abid really have a role…I think those people who are aiming at the Gupta household are related to simran’ past.even sumer sir is involved in it because he lied to the parents that the last round of SOTY would be survivor round but the minister said to Raj that it would be home Sumer sir along with several others ,are part of simran’ past and maybe trying to get riya ?

      1. lets see
        what happens ‘
        i guess amy abhid have a bigger role cos afetr rahul got magically removed after the minister attack track
        cvs have abig ideas other why is jogi ria amy abhid wearing colour coordinated clothes lol ;ppp

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