Parvarish 2 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trainer orders all students to do pushups. He asks each student’s name. Aditya introduces himself and says he can do more pushups. Trainer asks him to continue then. Ria says she is Ria and will win for sure. Trainer says overconfidence ruins even best warriors. He then asks others and then finally goes to Jassi. Jassi hides her face. He orders to show face. Jassi hesitantly raises her face. He laughs that she is mom’s cat and asks if her mom taught her to be coward. Jassi gets more nervous.

All students’ parents gather for selection event. Raj praises Ria and says she is like fast rabbit. Kulvinder says Jassi is like slow tortoise. Their arguments continues. Surinder and Simran laugh and enjoy their argument.

Host asks all students to line up and announces Aditya, Ria, Jassi, Jogi and a few other students’s name. Surinder and Simran get excited seeing their children being selected.

Trainer comes and says selected students they have to either do or die. Jogi jokes if they have to dance. Trainer asks him to do 10 pushups and frightens students that competition will be very tough.

Precap: Principal announces 1 year scholarship for winner of student of the year competition. Jassi thinks she has to win competition and make her mammaji feel proud of her.

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  2. It would’ve be better
    if riya and aditya in one team
    Jogi and dolly in one team
    Kuldeep -Jogi’s Male Friend -Jassi in one team
    That would have been more interesting lol : p

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