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Parvarish 2 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulvinder cries in front of Surinder that he failed as father as he cannot even pay his children’s fees. Raj asks Ria to tell her mobile password. She hesitantly tells password and just when Raj is about to see Adi’s message when Simran burns her finger while cooking. He runs towards her her. Ria silently picks phone and deletes Adi’s messages. Raj comes back and sees mobile. Adi message what is her plan today. Raj asks if Adi wants to know her study plan, she should not and reply him no. Ria relaxes.

Kulvinder locks himself in a room, drops children’s bags and books on floor and lights match stick. Surinder sees that and calls whole family. They then break door and stop him. He cries that his children find him incompetent of taking care of them and he heard Jassi discussing thathe cannot pay their fees. Jassi says she did not mean that and explains. Surinder, Darji, and Beeji console Kulviner and later Beeji scolds Jassi.

Adi calls Ria and says let us study together whole night and acts as coughing and says he is having fever. She asks him to rest and they will study in the morning. Ankita who is with Adi says his idea will fail. He says it will not. She says she came to study with him and he is busy with is tricks. He says he does not need to work hard. Simran enters Ria’s room and asks her to study now as she will not wake up early in the morning. Ria starts arguing and insulting her as usual and falls asleep. Simran goes sadly, but comes back and feels sorry for Ria. Adi SMSes Ria and when she does not reply tells Ankita that Ria is asleep now and they can study now.

Surinder sees Kulvinder sleeping and cries leaning on his shoulder and says her Kulvinder ji is very strong and he cannot break for such a small reason. Kulvinder sobs closing eyes. Once Surinder sleeps, he wakes up and says again he has failed in his duties.

Precap: Simran says nobody can break Ria’s focus. Ria is seen kissing Adi’s pic. Surinder says nobody can defeat Jassi in studies. Jassi meets with an accident.

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