Parvarish 2 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simran scolds Ria for not let any unknown person inside home without checking their IDs. Ria says man told he is from some organisation. Simran says daddy is also not at home and what if some imposter comes. Ria asks her not to start again..

Kulvinder goes to school to sign consent form and reads that school is not responsible for student’s safety in jungle and students have to survive on their own for 3 days in jungle without any support. He asks principal how can they wash their hands off so easily, student’s security is their responsibility. Sumed starts his moral gyaan and asks not to worry. Principal says it is just a formality. Kulvinder signs papers and leaves.

Kulvinder reaches home and asks Jogi will he survive in jungle when he does not know to cook. Jogi with

his witty dialogues says he will learn it. He gives samosas and says he prepared them as a start. Kulvinder bites samosa and shouts at Jogi not to enter kitchen again. Jogi goes to Jassi’s room and she starts again that she saw someone with gun on school’s terrace. He asks her to chill and have some churan. She sits confused.

Students gather at school. Ria says she will win next round. Jogi says Khurana siblings will win and starts joking. Sumed comes and asks students if everyone is ready. They all say yes sir.. Sumed addresses students’s parents not to worry about their children and sends them off. He then gets students in TT. Students sing songs and Jassi shouts at them to stop and tells Sumed she really saw a hitman on terrace.

Simran picks Ria’s mobile and sees Adi’s missed calls and SMS thanking him for giving him a second chance. She thinks Ria is doing same mistake again and she has to stop her.

TT continues moving. Driver sees road work and someone suggests to take diversion. Sumed asks driver to change route. Someone watches Simran’s house, TT, and other student’s move on CCTV cameras.

Raj does minister’s checkup. Minister tells about SOTY’s next round. Raj says Sumed took students for some social round in jungle for 3 days, but changed theme without informing.

TT reaches destiny. Driver wakes up Sumed. Sumed gets down. Inspector comes and says principal is trying to reach him from a long time. Sumed checks mobile and says it is switched off. He takes inspector’s mobile and informs principal that they all reached destiny safely. He then addresses students and describes next round’s rules.

Precap: Sumed Singh holds hand cuffs.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Y Rahul s not n final round am watching dz for jassi nd him

    1. rahul got eliminated cvs are changing tracks
      now terrorists /assasins game is on as well as soty
      i think one pair is going to get kidnapped by these terrorist group
      maybe jogi-ria or amy -abhid
      jass adiya will go in search for them

      1. I think dat mastermind trying 2 kidnap ria so dy can blackmail raj 2 kill minster 2 save ria

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