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Parvarish 2 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rival school’s competitor comes to school and asks Ankita to show principal’s cabin. Ankita asks to speak to her. He asks who is she. She says Ankita Mehra. He laughs that she looks like a joker and leaves. Ankita fumes. Jogi goes to Ria and says Adi wants her not to study and she should forget him and concentrate on studies. She asks to mind his own business. Adi sends a letter with I love you teddy. Ria happily leaves home.

Jogi and Jassi are busy in their usual nok jhok. Surinder calls them to have their favorite biryani. She comes in and says she is preparing menu for her dhaba. Kulvinder calls her standing near door and acts as client and asks what is in her menu. She gets nervous. He comes in and asks if she will speak to her clients like this. Jogi says

he will try and mimics. Kulvinder gets out brochures and says he made menu card for Surinder’s dhaba and even gives her new android mobile to receive online orders. Surinder and children get happy. Kulvinder then shows menu card to Darji and Beeji. They both praise him for his improved thinking. Kulvinder says he has to change to arrange children’s fees.

Simran gets suspicious seeing Ria’s changed moves and checks her bag. She is shocked to see I love you teddy. Ria comes and shouts why did she check her bag. Simran asks who is this boy. Ria lies she bought it herself. Simran confronts and asks why is she doing mistake instead of studying and winning competition. Ria says even she did mistake once. Simran gets angry and thinks she will ask Jogi about this boy.

Surinder takes orders over phone and Kulvinder makes a note. He asks to stop, but she continues to take notes. They both continue laughing and noting down orders.

Raj comes home and sees Simran going out and asks why is she tensed, if Ria did something. She says no. He asks her to serve lunch while he gets back from washroom. He sees Ria and asks about her competition and asks negative questions. Ria busy chatting with Aditya says yes subconsciously for all questions. Raj calls her loudly and she gets conscious. He takes her phone and asks password. She gets tensed.

While studying, Jogi falls asleep. Jassi wakes him up and says they have to win student of the year competition for school fees, else papaji will feel guilty for not arranging school fees. Kulvinder hears their conversation standing near door and feels guilty that he failed in his duties.

Precap: Kulvinder locks room from inside and throws books and bags to burn them. Family shouts from outside to stop.

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  1. Why is kulvinder burning bags n books??? Seriously.

  2. Why is kulvinder burning those bags n books??? Seriously.

  3. Drama drama more drama
    Kulwinder is getting frustrated thinking wrong things that why he’s burning the books
    Riya is very rude how can she talk to her mom like I hope riya learns a big lesson

  4. After watching yesterday’s episode, according to me, Riya deserves what Aditya is doing with her. I wonder how would Simran react when she would come to know about the reality! As it’s always said “History repeats itself.” What happened with Simran, is happening with Ria.

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