Parvarish 2 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi’s jealous classmate pushes Jassi after breaking HCL beaker. Surinder holds Jassi on time and principal with others follows her. Surinder tells girl that she fell in her own trap and thought everyone is fool. Principal restricates girl as punishment and repermits Jassi to take part in student of the year competition. He praises Suridner for her effort to prove Jassi innocent. Jassi requests principal to forgive jealous classmate. Principal praises her. Jealous classmate apologizes Jassi, but then thinks she will wait for the right opportunity to punish Jassi.

Surinder comes out of school with Jassi, Ria, and Jogi and sees Simran waiting for them. Jogi says Jassi became star today and describes how she taught lesson to jealous classmates. Simran praises Jassi in front

of Ria and Ria gets jealous. She gives money to Ria and asks her to enjoy and leaves with Surinder and family.

Ria comes home after some time and sees Simran in kitchen. She asks what is she preparing. Simran says she is preparing cake for Jassi as she is taking part in student of the year competition. Ria gets jealous. Simran continues praising Jassi. Ria angrily walks out.

Simran meets Surinder and tells how Ria got jealous. Surinder says reverse psychology always works. They continue laughing. Ria listens to their conversation and fumes in anger. Surinder and Simran stop laughing seeing her. Ria goes back to room and complains Raj that mom played and trick and lied her. Raj says just like she lies with mom. She continues shouting. Surinder enters. Ria says she will take part in student of the year competition and will it and prove that she is better than Jassi. Simran tries to stop her, but she walks into her room. Simran tells Raj she did not mean to hurt Ria. Raj says he she did right and whatever the route is, end result is important, now Ria will stop roaming around and will get on track.

In the morning, Ria gets ready for school. Raj asks if she is still angry. Ria says no and says she has filed online form for competition. Raj says parents are worried about children happiness and sorrows, win and loss. Ria says no loss, she will only win. Simran brings sweet curd for her. Ria asks what will she give if she wins. Simran says whatever she asks. Ria says she will stop invading her privacy. Simran stands in a shock.

Precap: Jassi climbs tree and gets stuck. People ask her to jump. She panics and prays god to send her mammaji. A man climbs tree and asks her to jump.

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