Parvarish 2 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 2 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simran’s mother-in-law enters Simran’s home and starts showing tantrums that house is not clean and Simran is busy in her work than taking care of house. Simran gets sad. She introduces Surinder as her friend. MIL asks if she stays with her in-laws. Surinder says yes since she married 18 years ago and her MIL helps her in household chores. MIL says she came to meet Ria and tries to get into Ria’s room. Simran and Surinder stop her and says Ria is getting ready. Surinder asks Simran to prepare her special ginger tea for aunty ji and also snacks. Simran signals she does not know to prepare snacks. Surinder says she will help her and goes to kitchen with her.

Ria buys food from restaurant and asks Jassi to go and give it to her mommsie. Jassi asks where is she

going, she does not know route. Ria tells route, speaks to her friend rohan and leaves. Jassi walks on road remembering route. Restaurant boy follows her. She panics and runs and he runs behind her.

Surinder prepares snacks with Simran and says Simran’s MIL is very strict. Simran says MIL thinks since she working, she does not take care of family well. Surinder consoles her and they both walk with snacks and tea to see MIL not on sofa. They see her walking towards Ria’s room and stop her. MIL says when will Ria come out.

Jassi comes just then running with spoilt shalwar. Surinder cleans her shalwar and asks what happened. Jassi reminisces how restaurant boy was following her and she panicked. He finally caught her and said she left change. She thanked him and came home. Surinder says it is okay. Simran asks where is Ria. Jassi says she went with her friend Rohan. Simran panics. MIL hears that and scolds Simran that due to her wrong upbringing Ria eloped. Simran feels shattered. Surinder consoles her that her upbringing cannot be wrong.

Ria comes just then. Jassi asks where was she. MIL tells Ria that her mother is doubting her. Ria says she went on her work and brings collage with her pics and message “world’s best mommsie”. She says she prepared it for her jewelry company’s 5th anniversary and walks into room angrily. Simran follows her and apologizes with a dance. Ria walks out into hall. MIL tells Ria that she should not feel bad about her mother’s words and taunts… Ria asks Simran to apologize in front of all like she scolded her. Simran dances and apologizes. Ria and Surinder start laughing and dancing. MIL gets jealous, but dances with Ria with a fake smile. Simran looks at collage and thanks Ria with a hug.

Precap: Surinder calls Jassi for breakfast. She comes wearing leggings on school uniform to hide her legs. Ria comes with bare legs.

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