Parvarish 2 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simran walks in front of Suri and acts as fighting with her and then apologizes for slapping and insulting her. Suri hugs her and says there is no sorry and thank you in friendship. Yaara barson baad mile…song..plays in the background…Suri says Ria is like her daughter and she did not when she misbehaved with her for Ria. Jogi says Ria is even his. Kulvinder asks what does he mean. Jogi says they are best friends now, but she does not listen to him. Ria says he always blurts his poor jokes. Their argument starts. Their families take them in.

At night, Ria wakes up from bed worried and tells Simran that jungle memory is hauting her. Simran says brave Ria should take over weak Ria. Ria says Jogi helped her when she was alone…but stops reminiscing Simran’s order not to meet Jogi again. Simran says she misjuded Jogi is a nice boy. Suri and Jassi also spend quality time. Jogi passes by and starts his jokergiri. Kulvinder also comes by followed by Biji. Whole family joke and share a lighter moment.

Next morning, all students gather in school for SOTY winner announcement. Principal comes on stage and requests minister to come and announce SOTY winner. Minister comes on stage and says all students faced problems because of him. Jogi, Ria, Jassi, and Adi reminices their jungle horror. Minister continues that their competition created a leader among them and announces Jassi as winner. Everyone clap for her. Jassi goes on stage and minister hands over her trophy.

Jassi starts her speech and thanks Jogi, Ria, and then Aditya. Ria feels jealous hearing Adtiya’s name. Jassi says this trophy belongs to all 4 of them as they were together in jungle, then why not accept trophy together. She requests all 3 of them to come on stage and accept trophy with her. They come and all 4 lift trophy Everyone clap for them.

Precap: Jassi, Ria, Adi, and Jogi run from a party and ecape in a car. Adi drives and rams car on someone.

Update Credit to: MA

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