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Parvarish 2 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adi calls Ria and provokes her to do sting operation at hospital for her SOTY’s social service project. Ria agrees. He smirks that he will get Ria out of competition soon. He comes out and Ria leaves with her. Simran wakes up thinking Ria did not say her good night today. Raj asks her to bring water. She goes to kitchen and peeps via window, but does not notice Ria and Adi standing. She gives Raj water and sleeps back thinking Ria must have slept.

Ria goes to hospital with Adi smearing ketchup on forehead and tells receptionist that Adi is severely injured and it is an emergency. Receptionist lets them in. They both walk in smirking.

Jogi comes to Jassi’s room and says she should select any other topic than going to help orphanage children. She can choose teaching

girls and can become famous in colony. Surinder also come and says same. Jassi says she is pity on the children whose parents ransack them cruely. Surinder says parents who adopt and take care of children are real parents, not the one who give birth. Jassi says she wants to help orphanage children, not for SOTY but for social cause. Surinder gets emotional.

Ria takes videos of hospital dirtiness and nurse talking to patient rudely. Adi calls Raj with changed via and asks him to come and help as there is very less staff at hospital. Raj agrees. Adi smirks.

Jogi sweeps colony and loudly speaks while Jonty takes his video. Neighbor throws garbage bag on him. Simran’s aunty comes and shouts him to stop shouting at midnight and go home. Simran also comes and asks him to stop misbehaving with aunt and go home, she will complain surinder tomorrow.

Raj goes to hospital and starts checking patients. Ria sleeps on bed wearing bedsheet. He asks her what problem she has and to turn over. Ria gets tensed and Adi smirks standing outside door. Peon says shemay be a new patient and he will get her records. Raj is about to pull bedsheet when peon comes and informs there is an emergency. Raj leaves. Adi gets jealous that his plan failed. Ria runs out and then runs out of hospital with Adi. Peon and watchman try to stop them unsuccessfully. Raj asks what happened. Peon says a boy and girl entered hospital without permission and were recording with video camera. Raj reminisces Ria’s words.

Simran passes by Ria’s room and sees lights on. She enters and sees Ria sleeping with jeans on. She asks where she had been. Ria shows sting operation camera. Raj comes and Ria hides camera. He asks simran if Ria had gone out. Simran says no and she is with Ria since a long time. Raj leaves. Simran scolds Ria and Rai misbehaves. Simran says she will inform dad. Ria says she can go ahead. Simran moves but says she will not and she should not cross her limits.

Precap: Kulvinder and Surinder rush to orphanage and see Jassi crying in front of officer telling she did not know about it before. She tells her parents if they thought she will not know it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  3. Hey dears can u pls tell me abt dis serial? M new here. Saw some episodes bt cudnt catch much. Hw come soty us after all those competitions held b4??? Or were dey sumtng else? Dat party n all?

  4. Ow dea read the written episode thn u will understnd.

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