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Parvarish 2 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sweetie tells Surinder that Bebe is the one who left Jassi in mela and denied that she is her grandson. Surinder stands in a shock. Bebe says Sweetie is a lier and is trying to break their family and creating rift between saas/bahu. Surinder shouts how can she do this with Jassi who is so fond of her. Bebe gets nervous and says left Jassi by mistake. Surinder asks what will Kulvinder feel when he will know that his mother wanted to get red of his daughter. Bebe shouts she wants to separate her son from here. Kulvinder enters with Daarji and says their fight is heard outside and asks why is she shouting at his mother. Surinder walks from there.

Bebe starts her drama that she is being punished for her one unknown mistake and she will leave house and stay in gurudwara. Kulvinder tries to console her.

Jassi cries reminiscing Bebe warning her not to inform about mela incident to family, else her dad will die. Jogi comes with bucket and says she will not stop crying, she brought bucket to fill her tears. Surinder comes and consoles Jassi. Kulvinder enters and asks Surinder why did she insult his mother. Jogi asks what is papaji telling. Surinder says nothing and walks with Kulvinder.

Kulvinder asks Surinder how can she insult Bebe. She says Sweetie told she was the one who ransacked Jassi in mela. Kulvinder says just because an outsider told, she is doubting Bebe and breaking their house, because of her Bebe is going from here. She says he should ask Jassi what happened that day. He says she wants to break his house with half truth. She asks if he thinks she is lying. He says earlier scholarship lie, then catering lie, and now this mela one. He just wants her to apologize Bebe or else he will talk to Jassi. She says he will not talk to Jassi. He says she has to either apologize Bebe or let him speak to Jassi. Jogi listens to their conversation hiding.

Precap: Surinder apologizes Bebe. Jogi stops her and says let us see who will apologize whom after confrontation and asks Jassi to finish this issue at once.

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