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Parvarish 2 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder sees Simran getting into car with Ria to drop her to school. She stops Surinder and says Kulvinder left for job early today, so if she can drop Jassi and Jogi to school. Simran reminisces Ria repeatedly telling that she was with Jogi and tells Surinder that she is taking Ria to dentist before dropping her to school, so she can drop her via auto.

Jogi with Jassi reaches scool and sees Ria already present. He asks if she came flying here. She says dentist was closed today. Jogi asks even then how did she came so early.

Sumer gathers all students and in his usual style says between rabbit and tortoise’s race, tortoise won easily. He tells 5 students’ names who lost last round and says next round will be social service round and tells its rules. He says there

are many social service topics written on board and they have to run and select one they like. He calls students names and they all run in. Adi selects charity and writes his name on that board. Ankita asks if he will go begging to each house. He says his dad told when they have money, they don’t have to put unnecessary effort. Jogi selects safai adhdyan topic and tells Jassi he selected this one. Rahul comes and tries to write his name, but Jassi confronts him. Rahul says she has cbecome tigress and leaves. Jogi writes his name. Jassi says she will tell her topic at home. Ria selects social service at hospitals. Adi tries to change her mind, but she gets adamant. Once she leaves, Ankita tells he should concentrate on tricking Jassi instead of Ria.

Ria goes to Raj’s clinic and tries to touch used syringe. Raj stops her and says it is very dangerous. She asks then why is he keeping it out. He says usually peon disposes it immediately but is busy now with reports. She tells she wants to do social service at hospital. He says it is very dangerous and he will not permit her. She argues with him.

Jogi sweeps colony. Kulvinder scolds him. Surinder says his competition topic is safayi adhyan and let him do, he apologized already for yesterdays’ mistake. Kulvinder says he will sweep roads next. Neighbor calls Jogi to sweep his house. Jogi laughs. Kulvinder then asks Jassi which topic she chose for social service. She says she has sought Satyendra’s help. Surinder and Kulvinder reminisce Satyendra who is a corrupt officer and get tensed.

Precap: Kulvinder says he will not mind if Jassi loses student of the year competition, but should not lose her career because of Satyendra. At midnight, Adi comes to meet Ria. Simran hears his voice, peeps via window and is shocked to see Ria with Adi.

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  1. Hope the precap is what we saw n not again jogi puran it’s high time now Simran should know that it is Adi NOT jogi

  2. I wish adi gets caught and her mom should find the truth that it has always been adi with ria and not hogi I hate adi and ankita

    1. adi was all good to jassi in the beginning of the episodes. he was supporting jassi. he was a good boy. hope he becomes good again.

      1. btw guys why did jhonty lose????

  3. yaar when will this soty get over will it get continued with riyan jassi kids or what
    why did they eliminate jhonty:-(( it should have aditya n ankita hate those 2
    simran should it has been aditya and not jogi

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