Parvarish 2 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

DCP Pandey tells Adi, Jassi, Jogi, and Ria that he will take them to police station. Adi says he needs lady constable to arrest Ria and Jassi, so they will go home and he can come and speak to their parents. DCP calls lady constableand says let us go now. He says Ria that everyone knows that he is her father’s close friend, but he will not spare her. Parents come and Raj asks what is happening, Suri asks what uncle is asking. DCP asks what are they doing here. Suri says they came to enquire about some case. DPC asks Raj if they need help. Raj says no thanks and takes children.

After reaching home, parents fume how can DCP try to harrass children mentally to make them confess. Simran says who will believe that their children are innocent, Jogi’s watch stoped at 12 after an impact and accident happened at 1 a.m., they should find real culprits soon to stop DCP’s doubt.

DCP comes back with his team and arrests parents for trying to protect their children. Jassi wakes up from sleep shouting Papajii and realizes it was her dream. Kulvinder comes running with Suri and Jogi and says he is fine and consoles her.

Raj discusses with Suri all the incidents happened with children. Ria comes wearing shalwar kameez. Raj asks what happened. She says she is going to gurdwara. Raj asks her to find Ria first. Simran asks him not to joke and says Ria going to gurdwara is good. Raj says what if another car must have come to same garage afer their car as there is only one garage in that are. Next morning, they all go to garage where mechanic says one more same car came after their car left. Everyone get happy to find a clue.

Precap: Suri takes children to hospital and apologizes culprit boy who says sorry will notheal his wounds. Suri says her children did not harm him purposefully. DCP enters.

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