Parvarish 2 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bebe frightens Jassi not to reveal what happened during childhood. Surinder tells Simran about Jassi ‘s fear. Simran says she should take Jassi to a psychiatrist. Kulvinder says his daughter is not mad.

Bebe continues frightening Jassi and tells she left her hand in mela that day. Jassi says she didn’t. Bebe holds her hand tightly and reminds her what she told in chilhood. Bebe frightens baby Jassi not to tell family that she left her in mela, else her family members will die one by one. She warns her not to tell even now and keep her mouth shut. Surinder comes and asks what his happening. Bebe scolds her for sending Jassi to competition and revoking her fear and continues that unwanted people are coming home because of this. Surinder carefully watches Jassi and Bebe’s faces.

Simran comes to Surinder’s house and while cooking in kitchen they both fight for their daughters. Surinder says they are fighting. They both then laugh.

Door bell rings. Bebe opens door and tries to close it back seeing Sweetie madam. Surinder sees Sweetie and opens door. Sweetie asks Bebe what is she doing here. Surinder says she is Jassi’s famous Bebe. Sweetie says she is the one who left Jassi in mela 12 years ago. Bebe gets tensed. Surinder sends Simran home and asks Sweetie if she is sure. Sweetie says she cannot forget her face.

Precap: Surinder asks Bebe how can she harm her own son’s daughter, what will Kulvinder feel if he will know about her true face. Bebe asks if she wants to separate her from her son. Surinder says she should have thought it before. Kulvinder and Daarji enter.

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  1. Omg that bebe is so mean . How can she threaten jassi like that .

  2. I agree with u. How can bebe do this. I HATE HER AFTER WHAT SHE DID TO JASSI.

  3. I just hate bebe!!!i know the feeling of being an adopted child,my grandmother hates me too and only wishes good for my elder brother,just like jassi and jogi,but she wasnt so cruel by purposely leaving her hand in the mela that day..haiz..

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