Parvarish 2 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Principal tells Surinder that Jassi cannot participate in student of the year competition as a punishment. Surinder says she has faith on her upbringing and he himself will feel proud of Jassi one day. Jassi’s jealous classmates wait outside principal’s room and laugh that Jassi will be out of competition. Jogi says they don’t know his mom, she will manage everything. Surinder comes out sadly with Jassi and Ria. Jealous classmates taunt Jassi is out of competition finally. Aditya comes and taunts Jassi that she was the only competitor and now he will win competition. Jogi says he is there to compete. Aditya jokes it is not cartoongiri. Jogi says he will even win over him in that competition. Aditya angrily leaves. Surinder asks Jassi if she made any mistake. She says

no. Surinder asks her then not to worry and be confident. They all come out. Ria asks where is momsie. Surinder says she did not come as she did not as Ria does not want her to come and invade her space.

Ria reaches home and sees Simran going out. Simran says now she will not disturb her and she can do whateve she likes. Ria asks food. Simran says she made dal chawal which she may not like, so she can order food. Ria asks if she knows what happened in school. Simran says Surinder informed and asks how is her wound and if nurse applied medicine on her. Ria says yes. Simran asks if she wants to go to papa’s clinic. Ria says no. Simran says her to take care and walks out, thinking Surinder’s plan is working well.

Surinder reaches her locality and sees Kulvinder praying at gurdwara. Kulvinder says he prayed god to protect Jassi. Surinder takes him home and informs about Jassi’s eviction from competition. Kulvinder fumes and asks how can she let Jassi suffer. Simran enters and asks her to help Jassi. Surinder says Jassi will help herself.

Jassi frightens her jealous classmates that her friend is a CID and will investigate fingerprints in lab and prove her innocence. They get tensed. Lab attendant comes and says lab will be locked as fingerprint expert will come in sometime. They get more tensed, enter lab and start searching HCL beaker. Jassi enters with beaker. They start their butter talk, accept their crime, and apologize. Jassi asks if they will prove her innocence. They say yes and snatch beaker from her hand and break it and laugh that now she cannot prove anything.

Precap: Jealous student pushes Jassi. Surinder holds her on time. Principal comes in and jeaolus student gets tensed.

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