Parvarish 2 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simran while preparing tea with Surinder gets Ria’s call who asks if everything is fine there. She says everything is fine and she should sleep as they will come late. Punjabi song plays on road and they both dance and reminsce their younger days. Simran asks if biji is fine now. Surinder says yes, but Jassi. Simran asks what happened to Jassi. Surinder says nothing important. Simran finishes tea and goes back home with Raj.

Simran sees Ria messaging on mobile and asks who is it. Ria says she does not have right to ask this and asks when will she change. Raj says soon. Ria says will she before world ends. Raj says depends.

Surinder leans on Kulvinder’s shoulder. He asks if Jassi is asleep. She says yes. He says he considers Jassi and Jogi same and

she should make Jassi feel special and not let Biji around her, etc.

Simran shows her concern for Ria’s moral growth. Raj consoles her and says Ria will not make a mistake like she did and will make new mistakes and learn herself, she should be her friend than a mother.

Simran passes by Ria’s room and hears her talking to someone over phone discusing plan to elope. Just then Raj gets a call from his mother that she is coming to stay with them. He enters Ria’s room talking over phone. Simran asks if he knew about it. He says he knows. She panics. He disconnects call and asks if he knew mama is coming to stay with them. She says she was talking about Ria eloping from home and asks Ria whom she was talking to. She says with whom she is eloping and tells Raj that as usual mom heard something and misuderstood. Raj laughs.

In the morning, Simran gives Kulvinder’s lunch box and asks him to pay Jassi’s fees today. He says yes and leaves. She asks Jassi to take Ria’s help in syllabus. Jassi says Ria does not want to befriend her. She says she will she how will Ria ignore her and takes her to Surinder’s room.

Simran is busy scolding servant for skipping work today and then scolding restaurant owner for not delivering food. Surinder comes with Jassi. Simran says she came on right time as she is very tensed and tells her mother-in-law is coming and food is not yet ready. She prepares food for Ria and asks Jassi to give it to her. Jassi takes bowl to Ria’s room and knocks door. Ria is busy listening songs with headset on and does not listen to knock. Jassi knocks repeatedly, enters room and shakes Ria. Ria asks if in her village, they don’t knock door before entering room. Jassi says hers is city and after not getting response after knocking door, they check if the person is alright.

Simran orders food from restaurant at last and asks Ria not to let mother-in-law know that it is restaurant food. Just then MIL knocks door and shouts if anyone is inside. Ria jokes that pushpa rani came and escapes from window with Jassi. Simran opens door and greets MIL. MIL comes in.

Precap: Simran introduces Surinder to her mother-in-law. Mother-in-law asks if she stays with her in-laws and taunts that she thought Simran friends also don’t like their in-laws. She scolds Simran that she is busy with her job and not taking care of Ria well.

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