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Parvarish 2 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Goon holds Jassi’s hand. Rahul with his friends come and sends Jassi from there. Goon asks if he wants to become hero. Rahul asks them to run from there, else they will be beaten. Goons run from there and join partying crowd smearing their face with colors.

Jassi informs Jogi that 2 goons misbehaved with her and Rahul is confronting them. Jogi angrily goes and asks Rahul where are goons. Rahul says they mingled in crowd. They all search goons, but don’t identify them due to their colored face.

Simran stops Ria and asks who was then boy. Inebriated Raj interferes and gives them bhang milk to drink before figthing. They both drink milk and start dancing. Ria joins her school friends. Goons dance with her.

Jogi tells Rahul that Jassi will identify

goons and sees Jassi inebriated and playing drum with Kulvinder. He says he wanted to mix bhang, but did not, and someone else mixed bhang. Rahul says he mixed bhang in thandai. Jogi says it is good he informed earlier and says he will throw bhang.

Goons take out permanent colors to smear on girls. Jogi clashes with them and says if they are from society, they should know chemicals are not allowed, so they are uninvited guests. Goons run pushing him. Sumer holds him and scolds that he cannot stand and wants to win SOTY. Jogi says goons pushed him. Sumer says he will handle and asks girls to teach goons a lesson. All girls run behind goons and beat them. Goons run from there. Inebriated Jassi tries to run behind them and behaves weird. Sumer asks who mixed bhang. Rahul accepts his mistake. Sumer scolds him that he risked many women and children’s lives.

After celebrations, Kulvinder and Surinder get back home with family and feel hangover. Kulvinder says it is definitely bhang. Surinder goes to kitchen to throw garbage in dustbin and finds bhang packet. She gives it to Kulvinder. Kulvinder slaps Jogi thinking he mixed bhang in milk. Jogi goes to his room sadly. Jassi asks why did not he tell it is Rahul. He says even his intention was wrong, so he needed this slap. Surinder tells Kulvinder he should not have slapped young boy, he may go out of control. Kulvinder says if he does, he will. Their argument starts.

Surinder asks Ria who was the boy she was talking with. She says Jogi. She asks her why is she getting so friendly with Jogi. Their argument starts.

Precap: Sumer explains rules of SOTY’s next round.

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