Parvarish 2 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ria is busy texting on her mobile. Raj comes with samosas and sandwitches and asks her to eat. She says she will starve. He says Surinder aunty made snacks with her hard work and she should eat. She says she will never. He says she does social work at school, then she should know howmany people starve without food. Ria tastes samosa and says yuck.. Raj angrily leaves.

Surinder sees Jassi standing in balcony and dorns her sweater. Jassi says she cannot cope up with competition’s pressure and wants to quit. Surinder gives her some moral gyaan and conscience and tears cancellation form. They both then hug. Jogi enters and throws flower petals on them telling they are leaning over garbage, so he thought of throwing flowers for better feeling. Jassi asks why did he bring flowers

from mammaji’s room. Surinder runs behind Jogi to beat him.

Simran brings fresh sandwitches for Ria. Ria insults her as usual and walks out. Simran sees Jogi’s note on floor and reads that Ria should be careful, he would have done anything yesterday night. She angrily goes to Ria who is busy texting and asks what is this. Ria reads note and says she does not know. Simran asks who is this guy and where she had gone with him yesterday night. Ria says she always does not believe her and says she spent night with that guy. Simran slaps her and asks again who is this guy. Ria shouts that she suffocates when she is around and needs space and walks out. Raj sees that and comes near Simran and reads note.

Kulvinder tries to fix electricity fuse. Surinder asks him to hurry as darji is getting restless. Kulvinder says earlier Biji and now Darji is also getting restless. She says Jassi is ready for competition. He says he will not let her lose her health in practice and she cannot compete. Surinder starts arguing with him. Jassi sees their argument and asks Kulvinder if he will not help her in practice. Kulvinder looks at Surinder and Surinder smirks.

Raj comes to Ria room. Ria says mom slapped her. Raj asks what is this note. She says even he came under mom’s lies. Raj asks what happened yesterday night, he wants to hear truth. He trusted her till now and she should not prove him wrong today. He asks if she understands how it is to be a 16-year-old daughter’s parents and insists to tell what happened yesterday night. Ria says she took Daadi’s permission and went to night club with Dolly. He asks what this note means. She says she does not know and he can call Dolly. He asks to call her. She with shivering hands dials number and gies it to him. He asks if he can trust her. She nods yes. Dolly over phone asks what happened.

Precap: Jogi tells Jassi both Khuranas will win competition. Jealous students think of tarnishing their image. Principal calls Surinder and says Jassi cannot compete.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode.. just love joggi

  2. why doesnt jogi tell simran about that boy in disco abhir who wanted to take dvantage of riya . riya deserved slap . why is she soo rude . i hate those jassi classmates

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