Parvarish 2 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Coach Sumer Singh announces 5th contestant is Jaswinder Khurana. Jogi happily hugs his sister and says she is in competition now. Sumer says Jassi to get ready to run. Jogi says she will. Ankita and Aditya fume in jealousy. Sumer says there will be 25 competitors all together and they have to concentrate on winning and now can enjoy party. Ankita looks at Jassi angrily.

Jogi says Jassi she should inform mammaji and papaji that she is in competition and says let us go to dance floor. Jassi says she will call sir on dance floor. He says she has become more courageous. She goes to Sumer and says let us dance. He says she became too courageous. She says it is a tribute for his encouragement and drags him to dance floor. Jogi dances with other students and encourages Sumer to

dance. Sumer joins all students and dances with them.

During party, Raj asks Kulvinder he can help him with children’s fees. Kulvinder says he wll manage. Raj comments that Jassi is underconfident and can improve if he concentrates. Kulvinder says his daughter is brilliant and he is proud of her and she is not a lier like Ria. Raj asks what he means. Kulvinder says at least his daughter comes back home every night, but Raj does not know where Ria is every night. Raj starts shouting..

After party, Jogi comes out with Jassi and mimics how mamaji and papaji will react when they will know that Jassi is in competition. Jassi sees Ria with Aditya in his car and asks Jogi to take her along. Jogi says he is not Ria’s bodyguard and takes Jassi in auto forcefully.

Surinder complains Darji against Kulvinder, how he badmouthed about Ria in front o Raj. Darji scolds Kulvinder that he is worried about Jassi, but he should not badmouth other’s daughters. Daadi asks Darji not to scold boy. Darji says he has 16 and 17-year-old children and asks Kulvinder to go to his room. Kulvinder asks why is he punishing him like a kid. Darji says daadi just now told he is a kid. Jogi and Jassi enter. Surinder asks howwas the party. Jogi with serious face says a big issue happened and starts singing and informs happily that Jassi is in student of the year competition. Whole family jumps in happiness. Surinder asks to explain in detail. Jogi starts.

Raj angrily waits for Ria and shouts at Simran how can her friend’s husband badmouth about Ria. Ria enters and he asks where she had been. She says party. He asks if party was on till now. Surinder tries to interfere. He shouts at her to let him speak to Ria and asks party finished at 10, then what she was doing till 12. Ria asks Simran if she told something.. Simran says no. Raj asks her to stay away and asks Ria to reply where she was . Ria says Jassi got selected for competition. Simran gets happy and says all 3 children are selected and asks Ria to go and rest. Raj says he wants to speak to Jogi and asks her to give his number. Ria gets tensed thinking dad wil know where she was.

Precap: Jassi tells Jogi that she has to work hard for competition and fulfill mamaji and papaji’s dream. Surinder enters and gets emotional hearing this.

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  1. lol bechari riya is getting it hard way
    finally raj is getting a little strict with ria
    i like the answer that jogi gave to jassi about not being ria s bodyguard

  2. All the best to jassi

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