Parvarish 2 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sweetie madam comes to meet Jassi. Jogi says Surinder that Sweetie madam has come to meet them. Surinder gets tensed. Sweetie madam asks Kulvinder if he remembers her. He nervously says yes. She says she came to give prize to Jassi and asks if she did wrong. Kulvinder says no and greets her home. Biji sees Sweetie and hides in room thinking Sweetie will identify her.

At home, Sweetie asks Surinder if Jassi is….Surinder gets tensed and forcefully sends Jogi to call Jassi and Biji. Once he leaves, Surinder and Kulvinder request Sweetie not to discuss about Jassi’s past. Sweetie says they cannot hide from their past. Daarji says they all love Jassi and does not want Jassi to know her past.

Jogi goes and knocks Jassi’s door. Jassi does not open. He starts his jokergiri. She opens door and says she was in washroom. After a bit of drama, he says Sweetie madam came to give her trophy. They both then go to Biji/Bebe’s room. Bebe yells they will give her a heart attack. Jogi says Sweetie madam came to give Jassi her trophy. Bebe scolds and says she will come later.

Jassi comes down. Surinder says Jassi that Sweetie madam knows her since her childhood and she is the one who brought her home when she got missing in mela. Sweetie continues talking and takes out trophy. Surinder asks Jogi to call Bebe. Sweetie says even she wants to meet famous Bebe. Kulvinder goes to Bebe’s room and acts as having high fever. He insists to come down and she says she cannot come.

Kulvinder goes down and says Bebe is not well. Surinder insists to go to Bebe’s room to accept trophy. Darji insists to accept trophy in hall itself. Sweetie insists to see Bebe. Jogi picks photo album and says he will show Bebe and Jassi’s childhood pic. Bebe drops something from balcony and album tears. Family takes Sweetie to Bebe’s room and does not find her. Bebe comes from washroom wearing face mask.

Precap: Sweetie comes back to Surinder’s house and Bebe opens door. Sweetie tells Surinde that Bebe is the one who dropped Jassi in mela and denied that she is her grandson.

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  1. Omg…want to give a tight slap to bebe

  2. Beebe is so mean.
    Poor jassi I feel sorry for her . I like sweetie aunty .
    When are they gonna show prabha bua in the show .

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