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Parvarish 2 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Goons see girls in holi party, especially Jassi, and thinking of flirting. They join party and start dancing. Rahul and his friends mix bhang in milk. Kulvinder sees Raj and reminisces him taunting that Jassi needs coaching to win competition. He forgives Raj and smears holi to his face. They both mingle well. Surinder and Simran run around and throw holi on each other. Surinder brings snacks. Raj says Surinder makes awsome snacks and eats chilli pakora and runs to have water, but drinks bhang milk.

Jogi and friends dance on songs. Sumer Singh enters and asks why did not they invite him for holi celebrations. Jogi says he is always welcome and got into their grip. Sumer asks what he means. Jogi says happy holi. Sumer starts dancing on music and silently shoos off goons fromt here. Surinder comes after drinking bhang milk and greets Sumer. Jassi asks Jogi if he did something. He says no. Rahul tells his friends that bhang is working. Kulvinder starts playing drum next and Surinder dances with him on song Rang barse bheegi chunari wali….song..

Ria gets Adi’s message and goes to meet him. He asks to kiss her if she loves him. She says no. He says kiss or break up with him. She walks near him. Simran passes by and is shocked to see Ria going near Adi. Ria stops and says if he thinks she will budge to his illegal demands, then he is wrong, she has her own identity and does not need her boyfriend’s identity. He changes his tone and says he was testing her and is proud of her. He hugs her and thinks she ruined his plan. Simran then sees them both missing.

Jassi goes to throw food in trash and goons follow her. She turns and sees goons standing and they try to smear her holi. She says mamma ordered not to get holi from strangers. He says they are friends now and holds her hand. She slaps him. He takes his hand near her face to smear holi, but she walks. Another one holds her hand.

Precap: Simran asks Ria who was the guy with her and what is going on.. Ria lies that she was with Jogi.

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  1. the only scenes which i like was was sumedh sir is back , rahul dolly amy abhid naughty pranks
    jassi slapping that weird guy . pls cvs show rahul and jassi scene
    not inetersted inthis riya aditya ankita drama its to much now

    1. nice epi…
      hope suri and simran’s friendship doesn’t break because of ria blaming jogi.

      1. seriously should also slap riya
        why does jogi always help her
        after this coming episode cvs should pair jogi with either dolly , amy or even preety

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