Parvarish 2 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

After student of the year announcement meeting, Jassi walks in school lawn with Jogi. They hear Ria and Aditya fighting that they are the best. Jogi taunts them that nobody becomes #1 with bragging and says he is #1. They both taunt him. He says he is and is not participating in competition as Jassi is participating. Jassi leaves. Dolly taunts him and he jokes on her and walks searching for Jassi. Jassi’s classmates bully her and warn her to take back name from competition.

Simran organizes night out for Ria at home. She invites Ria’s friends. Surinder brings home made snacks. Ria comes and asks what is happening. Surinder says her mom has arranged night out for her and she should enjoy. Ria fumes. Surinder leaves, but forgets hot box and comes back. She hears Ria insulting Simran and leaving angrily to her room. Simran cries and Surinder feels sad.

Jassi comes to kitchen sadly and tries to speak to Surinder. Surinder says she will arrange best trainers for her competition. Jassi falls down unconscious. Surinder sees her on floor and calls Jogi for help. They take Jassi to room. Dr. Raj checks her and says she got fever due to stress. He takes Surinder and Kulvinder to next room and warns them not to overstress Jassi. Once he leaves, Kulvinder scolds Suriner for overstressing Jassi in lieu competition and says if something happens to his daughter, he will not spare her. Surinder reassures that nothing will happen to their daughter. Jogi tries to cheer up Jassi with his jokes, but she feels sad thinking about the toughness of competition.

Simran meets Surinder outside society and asks where she had been. Surinder says to get medicines for Jassi. Simran says Raj told she had fever and asks how is she now. Surinder says she is fine, but is stressed about competition. Simran says she is her strength whenver she is confused and she is confident that she will tackle Jassi’s issues well.

Surinder goes back home. Jassi comes and says she does not want to compete as competition is very tough.

Precap: Simran gets sandwitches for Ria. Ria insults Simran and gets out of room. Simran sees Jogi’s note on floor, reads it and fumes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Dolly is so irritating lol we getting more scenes of dolly and Jogi the names also rhyme ?pls pair these two together. I want riya aditya together they look so cute together they ‘ve more ch’emistry . Jassi with some other boy . Jassi classmates are so annoying ?
    Youtube setindi war ‘ s happening some want riya aditya , Jogi riya , aditya jassi, Jogi dolly , jassi other guy / rohan ?
    Waiting eagerly for Student of the year ☺☺

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