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Parvarish 2 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our visitor, Kalpana, here’s the update.

Epi begins wth princi telling Simran – if Mrs Khurana hadn’t caught Adi red handed, don’t know what could’ve happened. Mrs Khurana saved ur daughter’s respect. Simran looking shocked, surprised and ashamed. Princi continues to tell taht students like Adi are like a black mark to the institute. Ria smirks at Adi. Princi tells iska future, Simran tells I’ll decide that and walks towards Adi. She tells Adi – U study in a good school, looks like like a u belong to a good family. Your family will be happy to know that you have become a criminal now. Surinder looks disgusted. Simran continues to ask Adi, made MMS of a girl and trying to blackmail her? Adi looks down.

Simran tells If I wanted, I could’ve complained to police. Adi looks shocked (What did he expect? Chichora khahin ka). Princi looking shocked. Simran continues If I do that, you will be going to juvenile jail and your parents will be facing harassment for entire life, that is a different matter though. This is what you wanted right? How can I forget? Adi starts Aunty, please forgive me.. Please Aunty. Simran asks achcha should i forgive you? You wanted to make MMS of my daughter and ruin her respect publicly. And you are telling that I should forgive you coz u r sorry. Princi tells Don’t worry Mrs. Gupta, i’ll call his dad and give him such a nice punishment, that would set him a nice example. Simran tells that won’t be necessary. He tried to ruin my daughter’s future na, I’ll destroy his future. Adi is all shocked and looks down. He feels uncomfortable when Simran gazes straight into his face.

In d corridor, Jogi asks Surinder what happened inside mammaji . Did you guys give him punishment or not. Simran walks out with Ria. Surinder sees them both and tells Jogi that they forgave Aditya. Jogi asks all shocked maaf kar diya?? Aise kaise maaf kar diya. After the thing he did? you guys should’ve filed FIR, glancing at Simran and Ria. Simran tells if I wanted I could’ve. But I didn’t. To save my daughter’s future, can’t spoil somebody else’s future (Stupid female! What’s d guarantee he won’t do again?) Surinder looks back angry. Simran continues that I am not like such a mom. I want to reform Aditya (That’s only possible if Adi wishes to change himself for better) Didn’t wanna give punishment. I’ll do something and his parents would do something. Till when it’ll continue? Somebody had to stop. I stopped. Adi comes there. Simran asks what’s wrong in that. Adi tells Aunty, I want to tell you something. My dad has always taught me that Life is like a race. And second chances only losers will get (Parvarish aisa ho to, output kaisa hoga?) That’s why first time,by hook or crook, I wanted to win. Win somehow. Even if the path is wrong. Jogi looks angry. Adi continues that’s why he became crazy. I wanted to win somehow. Surinder laughs to herself. Never thought for a sec that it’d destroy somebody else’s life, lookin at Ria. Simran and Ria look at each other. Surinder is not happy. Adi continues with emotional talk – Aunty today you could’ve given any punishment and it’d have been valid too. Simran looking proud seeing Surinder (Maybe feeling Mahan.. See I told you so wala look. Very foolish lady). Adi tells that the punishment you gave me, opended my eyes. Jogi looks at his mom. Aunty the second chance u gave is d biggest punishment. It’s a challenge for me to change. Whether I pass in this test or fail, it all depends on me. Jogi makes face ( Looks like Jogi doesn’t trust him, like me ;)) Adi starts And Ria.. Simran interrupts Enough. Jogi rolls his eyes. Adi nods and runs away. Jogi tells his mom wah kya speech diye! He’ll be facing away laughing. Surinder tells situation has been created that way na. Give second chance. He’s here and we are also here. Announcement: All the parents and students are requested to be seated. We are going to announce the results of Talent round. Jogi tells mammaji v should go andhurries out limping. And Ria too leaves. Simran follows Ria and stops. She tells Surinder Thank you. U left ur performance for my Ria. For that thank you. Surinder tells it’s alright, you particpated with Jassi as her mom. Teek hai phir. V both mothers exchanged roles for our kids. U assumed my daughter to be ur own and i assumed ur daughter as mine. Hisab barabar. Thank you not needed. Simran feeling pained looking Surinder facing away. Simran is about to walk away when Surinder tells the video matter slipped so easily. If u had listened to princi and booked, it wouldn’t have come to this point. Simran replies if Jogi hadn’t done that, the video wouldn’t have been made and she starts walking away. Surinder tells Nikkiji , it wasn’t a solo performance, a duet act. Understand that. Kids were dancing to a wrong tune. Simran looks angry (As if her Ria’s so innocent. Too much trust). Mistake was ur Ria’s too. Mistake committed by both the kids. Simran looks at Surinder all angry. My Ria got trapped. And Jogi has been trapped.

In d ground, announcement starts. Jogi and Ria sitting next to each other. Jogi shakes hands with Jassi. In 6th position with 75 marks is Rahul and he walks to the stage. 5th position with 80 marks is Aditya (Should’ve been at least disqualified. Idiot) and he walks to the stage too. Disappointed, Jogi, Ria and Jassi clap. 4th position with 83 marks is Abid. Now only 3 places left. 3rd position with 88 marks is Jaswinder Khurana. Surinder feels so happy and even Simran claps. Surinder hugs Jassi and Jassi walks to d stage. Surinder comments when mammaji wasn’t, little loss will happen. Simran looks grim. Now only last two positions. Who will be the winner. Simran prays. Jogi tells my win will be for you mammaji. Surinder fondles his cheek lovingly. Ria tells Momsie today’s win is dedicated only for you. Simran looks emotional. Talent round’s winner is JOGINDER KHURANA!!! Jogi tells yes and Surinder all excited says puthar and hugs. They both get up. Ria and Simran looks at them slightly sad. Ria is still sad and Simran tells you are the best for me (Ya ya..) Jogi jokingly tells see my mammaji powerful than ur mammaji. Announcer tells and Ria Gupta. First position is a tie. Between Jogi and Ria. Hearing this Surinder and Jogi clap (so nice people). Simran and Ria get up all happy and excited and hug each other. Surinder and Jogi continue to clap for them. Both mothers ask them to go the stage. Jogi says Congratulations and offers hand to Ria and they shake hands on the stage. Adi takes a pic of them both (see.. Jogi was right. Why will Adi accept defeat so easy. Hate him so much). Jassi suddenly sees Adi taking pic and looks her behind, sees Ria and then Adi again. Adi realizes and tells Jassi that it was to remind himself why he lost (stupid excuse) Today is a big day for me. Kal se nayi shuruat and looks away. Jassi doesn’t reply.

At Jogi’s home, all are super excited seeing Jogi’s win. Jogi’s not able to believe and asks them to check the envelope once again. That I won SOTY Talent round. Jassi hugs bebe and her dad. Jogi continues with jokegiri – I’d like to that dadaji’s lessons, bebe’s tail malish, Jassi’s advice, mammai ke paranthe and papaji ke (wasn’t clear). Darji is laughing loud. Kulvinder comes and Surinder shows that papaji is there behind. Jogi becomes slightly tensed seeing dad. Bebe calls Jogi for the hug. Kulvinder tells badhai ho bai.

At Ria’s place, Raj asks Ria whether she enjoyed and he tells Ria that he got to know that she sang for momsie (Ya in Shreya Ghoshal’s voice.. Too talented na??? ;)) He laughs. Raj continues that that’s not enough Ria. In last few days you have proved that you are becoming old. Capable and matured. You not only won this round but also learned of ur mom’s past (what’s the big deal! Why keep harping about Simran’s past) You understood. Very matured (not totally. Idiot is mum about Adi’s truth and Jogi’s innocence). U corrected ur dad. But this still not enough. He asks Ria for a promise. Ria looks curious.

At Jogi’s place, Jogi tells thank you papaji. Kulvinder gives a gift to Jogi. Jogi tells papaji u brought the giift, must be sweets for muh mitta. Jogi opens and says that they’re shoes. Papaji’s size. Kulvinder asks Jogi to wear and see. It fits perfectly. Kulvinder asks happily do you understand the meaning of it. Jogi tells he knows. Mammaji told him that jab bete ko baap ke jhoothe fit aane lag jaye na, beta baccha nahi raha. Bada ho gaya hai. Surinder and Jassi smile. Bebe smiles to herself. Darji looking surprised. Kulvinder tells and papaji is no longer papapji. He is a friend now. Kulvinder hugs Jogi happily. Jogi is emotional. Kulvinder continues, now that v r friends, will you take advice from ur new friend? Jogi nods. Kulvinder tells u r a nek guy like me. Amristar’s bhola baala munda. This Dilli is little weird. Roads are very twisted. Every turn u find twisted people. Bhatakne ka chance bahut zyada hai. U shouldn’t get lost. Agar batakgaye, the shoe size will increase, and ur friend will turn into papaji again. Jogi thinks about Ria blowing his wounds. Kulvinder tells its a limited period offer.

At Ria’s place, Ria tells whatever u want dad. Raj interrupts saying not whatever. Whatever I am going toa sk for, you should give. No questions asked. You should trust me on this. Ria tells whatever you tell, i will do exactly. Raj tells Teek haii Ria. With this new freddom, you have new responsibility. And as a responsible person, first step is that you should neither have friendship nor relationship with Jogi. (Stupid dad. But its good for Jogi. Let Ria suffer. he deserves better gal). Ria is shocked and thinks of past events with Jogi.Ria thinks to herself – Till today, Jogi helped me only as a friend. I’ll accept this condition only for momsie. (No guts whatsoever. poor Jogi)

At Jogi’s place, Jogi says promise papaji. This new friendship will stay strong.And that arrogant Ria’s friendship wlll vanish. Everyone looks happy. Jogi felt little pained but smiles when Kulvinder hugs him.

At Ria’s place, Ria tells even she doesn’t want to keep friendship with Jogi anyway.. (Ya right… Selfish brat). Raj says that’s my liitle girl and hugs Ria happily. Somebody takes a pic of this in a digi cam.

At school, Ria is walking in the corridor. Everyone stares and laughs at her. Peon, random girls, Amy, Rahul and Abid. Ria cries thinking Adi shared the MMS. All a dream. Ria wakes up scared. Shouts momsie, momsie. Simran comes hurried. Ria tells momsie Adi will share that video. Please stop him. Don’t let him. Simran tells Ria relax. gives her a glass of water from the table beside. Ria continues that Adi will upload it please. Simran tells Ria to relax and drink water. U saw a bad dream. Adi deleted all d videos. Nothing will happen. Ria asks how can you trust him so much (U shouls’ve told d truth to her). Simran tells nahi Ria. We have taken written confession from him. If does any thing, he’ll get rusticated. Ria is worried. Simran tells u have fear in heart, that’s why u r.. U know Ria, I made a mistake in my life, that fear was in my heart, I kept it alive. That fear destroyed my life. Whatever I did, u never do it. If u do it, the fear will engulf ur life. Ria is still disturbed. simran asks her to trust that both her parents r there. They won’t let anything happen. Remember our promise? Ria rsts on her mom’s lap.

Elsewhere some mysterious guy is looking at Jogi and Ria’s pic on cycle; Ria’s pics on his mobile. The mystery guy tells a guy in helmet to continue. This is what is needed. I need every sec info about them. Follow them like a bhoot. But they shouldn’t know that we have a bigger plan or I am behind all this.

I have included my thoughts in brackets! Sorry couldn’t control ? Don’t who this mystery guy is. Can be Adi’s partner or Adi’s dad. It could be even some rival of Ria’s dad or that politician, Kulvinder’s enemy… May be totally unrelated guy… Should see how it’ll turn up! Eagerly waiting to see Rahul n Jassi together!

Precap: (Missed the beginning of precap) Jogi comes and stands in front of a bike guy wearing helmet. All other students slowly rounding up the bike.

Update Credit to: Kalpana

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  1. Shruthijnana889 .

    Nice update.. Thank you

  2. Nice epi. Thanks a lot.

    In yesterday’s epi, who was having a photo of jogi and riya on cycle? Was it taken when they were preparing for the project? Who took it? It might be sumedh sir also. or Simran’s past bf (who might have seen simran with ria somewhere). I have a feeling that it’s none than ………………………………………

  3. Parvarish Apr 29th Episode:
    Next day morning. Jassi and Jogi on the way to the school. Both slightly turn to see Ria. Jassi walks faster. Jogi tells “Oye Shatabdi Express, kahan ja rahi hai… Going to school only na… Go slow.” Ria looks mildly surprised and shakes her head, looking around. Jassi tells Jogi, don’t give me importance. Whatever is between u and Ria, I don’t want to come in between. Go talk your private stuff (Looks like Jassi still hurt with Jogi). Jogi asks what private, what importance? Have you gone crazy? And anyway I don’t want to talk any private stuff with Ria! Ria just then walks beside, listens to this and looks shocked. Ria tells excuse me, don’t even use the word private. Ever saw ur face? Looks like rotten angoor ( Like u r Miss India) Jassi looking all sarcastic. Ria continues that Jogi’s nose is so lengthy, it goes on and on without stopping. Ur eyes are so big, that they don’t’ fit in ur face. Jogi asks pat in response – “Tum kaunsa strawberry ka fresh guchcha ho? (Loved his response :*) Ria looks shocked. Jogi continues that nowadays ur face has become yellow like daseri aam.. And this hair is to hide the heavy weight of ur mouth. What do you think? Public don’t understand that? Jassi looks away. Just then, a guy on the bike, wearing helmet, taking pic of Jassi, Jogi and Ria. Jogi continues Pagal ladki.. Jassi notices the guy. Ria tells Shut up ha (Such a stupid response… Jogi rocked). Jassi points out to the guy and asks Jogi “ Veere why is the guy taking our photo. (Very slow Jassi… U should have screamed). Jogi asks Kaun and Jassi points wahan pe.. (Silly actually, he is directly in front of them. Looks like the guy forgot his boss’s orders.. Follow like a bhoot, a shadow and don’t let anybody see… Good for us though). The guy realizes that they noticed him, puts mobile in his pocket hurriedly, closes the helmet shield and starts the bike. Jogi runs towards him. Jassi and Ria follow Jogi. That guy is driving little fast. Jogi sees the guy going away and sees Jassi and Ria coming from behind… He asks them to follow him and Jogi takes right turn (Maybe planning to block from front… But the guy is on the bike…). Jassi runs.. Jogi runs stands in the middle of the road and the bike wala slows down and stops. Jassi and Ria too come and they stand in two sides. The bikewala sees three of them and Jogi stares (Looking like a hero). The bike wala accelerates and all three walk towards him.. The guy pushes Ria.. Jogi gets shocked, goes to protect Ria and even Jassi starts walking towards her.. Ria gets slightly. (Bad move, now he can escape).. The guy escapes.. Jogi asks Ria “teek to hai” Ria is rubbing her elbow. Jassi holding her.. Jassi asks Jogi why did the guy run away with their pics and tells U know Veere that day, Adi took pics of them both on the stage. Ria looks shocked at Jogi.
    In the classroom, Jogi rushes and hold Adi by collar and tells Oye Aditya! Adi tells kya hua bai.. Why holding my neck now.. Jogi repeats why holding my neck? Oi give ur phone now… Show ur phone.. Ria looks at Adi angrily.. Adi tells Dekh Jogi I have stopped them all.. Jogi tells khatam nahi… U started it again.. Jassi and Ria take his phone.. They tell haan… Ria tells Adi phone de… Adi continues When I have promised Simran Aunty that I want to change myself Don’t you guys trust me… Teek hai.. And he gives his mobile to Ria… Ria swipes through the photos and says all these are pics of SOTY function. Where are the rest of the pics… Adi asks Baaki ke photos? Jassi repeats Haan baaki ke photos..
    Elsewhere the mystery guy is gazing at the pics which the bikewala took… The bikewala confesses that they suspected him and ran behind him to catch him… Jassi tells Adi U took pic of them on the stage saying for memory sake… Where are the rest of the photos… Adi nods and asks baaki ke photos? Guys there must be some confusion (Poor Adi, Is baar koi aur hi hai, yeh phas gaya) Jogi angrily points finger at Adi and tells u r creating the confusion…. I know u very well… A dog’s tail can never be straightened… Why were you taking our pics? Adi l, taking your pics? After what happened? Are you guys crazy? Simran Aunty, not only gave me second chance… She gave new life… That was a big day for me… First time someone trusted me so much… I just took the photos to remind myself which wrong path I took… I see the award function photos to find ways to defeat u guys in a right manner not in a wrong way… Win on my own…
    The mystery guy swipes through the photos…
    Adi continues Jogi, you see the rankings… I am not even in top 3.. All my plans, ideas flopped… Then why will I go on in the same wrong route… I am not your enemy… I am just a competitor… That too, a good one… Jogi looks slightly tensed… Adi continues Now if you have dum, let’s play fair and you win and show me! Seeing Ria, Adi tells “Keep this phone with you… Till u don’t feel satisfied… and walks away from there…. Jogi tells seeing his confidence, first time I feel that he’s speaking truth… Ria agrees that I know, it makes sense too… But who’s the person who’s taking our photos? Who can be our enemy? (Wish they had seen license number…)
    The mystery guy still swiping through the pics…
    Jogi tells we have seen the faces of all of our enemies… Who is this new professional enemy who’s taking our pics stealthily? He keeps the bag on the bench and tells I don’t understand how is behind taking our pics… We are not celebrities… Maybe they’re taking our pics to publish in Page 3.. Jogi smiles… Jassi interrupts saying or in a bad website… Coz I have heard that the people misuse youngsters’ pics… Don’t take it lightly… We should complain to Police… Just then Police enter the classroom… Inspector asks the constables to hurry and do the checking… Jogi tells wow kamaal ho gaya… U hadn’t placed order yet.. Yet delivery has happened… In the films, police come in the last after the kaand… Here it has arrived well before… The inspector hears this and tells u r talking too much… Ria intervenes and tells he’s crazy, don’t listen to him… Inspector asks if he’s crazy, what should we do? Ria asks Why are the police in our school? The inspector tells what to do these VIPs decide suddenly and we have to run first… To secure the entire place… Mr. Dharam Raj Gosai will be here by 3 pm… and he gives orders to the constables to check nicely… They tell all clear and inspector leaves with them… Jogi tells Dharam Raj Gosai… I have heard this name before… Jassi tells Veere, our state’s cultural minister! (Jogi gives Haan right wala look ) Ria asks why cultural minister in our school (Ya, why? He should’ve come earlier.. For the talent round… Ab aake kya faida)… Princi enters just then and replies to Ria that the minister is going to inaugurate the last round of SOTY… Jogi tells Sirji, that’s alright… What is the last round… Princi tells that Mr. Gosai himself will tell… Jassi asks why Mr. Gosai only… Princi tells coz Mr. Gosai is the one who’s going to sponsor the scholarship (Ah… Makes sense  Why will the school give so much scholarship 😉 ) Princi continues that that’s why we should welcome in such a manner, that he will remember for life… This is the responsibility of SOTY participants… Especially, you 3.. You three always have competed against each other… This time, you have to work together with each other… Jassi agrees happily… Some guy peeks into the classroom… Only eyes are shown… Ria catches glimpse of him… Before, Ria could do anything, the guy vanishes… Jogi snaps finger to Ria, calling her… Where is your attention, you are also in this planning! Jogi discusses with Jassi… Ria feels creeped…
    Meanwhile, Sumer Sir is trying to throw dart in the center of the board, but it hits elsewhere… Just then, he receives a call and says kaun Dharam Raj? Meaning the time has come for that too? Teek se… Mujhe meri stu… Teek se, cuts the call… Looking very grim, he throws the dart without seeing… It hits bull’s eye… Ria tells first we will order bouquets… Jogi will use the flowers.. Jogi sarcastically tells why not… Jassi tells then we will ask him to take aarti of Saraswati Ma… We will get loads of blessings… (Jogi looks funny ) Veere u will get aagarbhati, matches n all na? Jogi tells bolo aur bolo.. If you both want I’ll get Jai Ambe Maa type CDS.. Bilkul bhandaron wali feeling aayegi… Oi we are not going to do Mata’s jagrata (Lol  ) We have to do grand welcome… Jassi shakes her head… Adi comes there and tells guys princi told that we all SOTY participants should do this welcome together… So can I help? Jogi tells Aap rehne do… The thing is we have to uphold the school’s reputation in front of him… Not ruin it… Adi opens mouth to tell something… But closes… Adi thinks about the blackmail, giving orders to hit Jogi and bends his head down… Jogi tells if u have at least little shame, go on side… Do the planning sitting aside… Adi feels bad… (Even I did… Yes, what he did can’t be forgiven… But such behavior, might push him back to the wrong route again) Jogi continues, stage pe mat aana… Ria says stop it Jogi! Adi lifts his head surprised… This job is given to all of us… We can’t push anyone to a side… Adi will help us too… (What about Abid and Rahul?)… Jassi looks angry too… Jogi, getting little angry, asks Ria… What kind of specs your family wears… First ur mammaji forgives him, now you want to work with him… Ria looks at Adi… Alright the, do the work… Work with him… I have no interest… and turns (Lil jealousy? I know Adi deserves second chance… But Jogi and Jassi suffered a lot due to him)… Ria tells Fine! I’ll work with Adi… U brother and sister prepare separately and walks away from there… Adi goes behind her… Jogi tells now she’ll fall in well… When she’s dying, will scream save me…And this time I won’t go to save her.. (Jogi is all hurt )
    Elsewhere, a guy in blue shirt is standing with a map of Park Academy school (Jogi n Jassi’s school).He tells his other men, pointing to the map… This is the main building… I’ll be here… U guys take your positions.. This is the entrance and 3 pm, minister will come. Right at the moment, you take mark. One of the guys tell don’t take tension… My aim never fails… (Plan to assassinate the minister??) But this is a school area… So naturally, too many kids will be there. What if someone comes in my way? The main guy tells one or two kids’ lives are very cheap (OMG), but our mission is highly important! Whoever comes in between, blast them!!! Then the other guy replies then take that ur work is done!
    At school, Adi follows Ria, grabs her arm, tells her… Jogi was right… After all that I did, first ur mom forgave, now u taking my side… Why? Ria thinks to herself mom thinks u r a good guy, who just lost the way… But I know that giving u second chance is sheer waste… Coz u will never change… U wanted to ruin my life na Adi, now see how I’ll destroy your life, being your friend.. Tit for tat (God, Ria… U missed ur mom’s point! Now, no difference between u n Adi… How will Simran feel when she knows about this? Jogi was at least honest… Jogi should get a better girl)… Adi calls Ria and tells kuch to bolo… Ria sweetly tells Life is too short na Adi, I don’t wanna hate u and stay in negative space… Be positive and put put my entire energy in winning SOTY… Adi smiles for that… Ria continues Right? I used to like you yar… V should’ve remained as friends… So friends now? Ria puts her hand out… Just then Jogi comes and sees this.. (Oh Shit). Adi tells Ria, u r a class apart, I made a mistake of taking panga with you… Ria tells forget all that… Wanna take this friendship offer or shall I take back? Jogi looks away in pain hearing that… Adi shakes hands with her… Jogi is taken aback… Adi tells See now Ria, I’ll never break your trust… This time pakka wala promise… Ria tells my friend is backj on the right track… What else I need? Jogi feels pained and starts hitting the school bell… Ria feels slightly shocked and looks… All the police personnel watch him.. Jassi comes out and stops him saying Veere what r u doing? Jogi tells Jassi v don’t need Ria and Adi to welcome the minister… Jassi asks if something happened? Jogi jokes I was doing time pass ainvayi (I felt so bad seeing him cover up.. Stupid Ria… )
    Some guy comes with huge box and goes to the terrace.. He opens it and there’s a rifle in it…
    Adi comes in and tells that the ministers are very formal, we will bring a huge garland, like in those rallies. As soon as the minister enters, we will shower flowers on him… What say? Jogi tells Hey bai, are we inviting chief guest or proposing girls (LOL ) Anyway, it’s ur habit to propose girls… Ria intervenes saying at least he gave an idea… What’s ur idea? Jogi tells Oi Chapni.. Even I have idea… See outside, how hot it is… We will welcome with huge water fan like in marriages (:D). Ria asks this is a grand welcome? Shaadi wale fan laga le! Keep such 3rd class ideas to self… Adi intervenes saying guys don’t fight. Arrange for diyas and candles. Ria, u take flowers and enter from there. Jogi tells no Ria won’t enter from there.. U enter from here… I told and its final.. Ria tells Hello why will u decide for me… Jogi replies I am not deciding… Come from anywhere u wish to… But don’t come from there… That’s final. Jog I asks Adi.. What’s ur plan… Putting stones into water fan which will hit Ria or filling flowers with worms due to which Ria will get embarrassed in front of everyone? Adi tells Jogi, how many times should I tell? I am not that guy anymore. I haven’t done any planning. Ria tells achcha then tell ur plan.. V won’t follow Adi, we will follow u… Jogi replies yes I’ve a plan.. See now, entrance has a big fan, v will keep gol gappa as chaat.. I have planned the entire program… Just then Sumer sir enters saying Haan bai hoshiyarchand, you tell me this much.. R u planning for SOTY function or for ur marriage?? (Superb ) Jassi asks, smiling Sir, you here? You said you won’t come back to SOTY! Sumer Sir asks her not to have to many hopes. I didn’t feel like coming. But my paperwork is pending here. That’s why I came… Ria tells Sir V missed u lot. Anyway, this is the last round of SOTY, please come back na Sir… Sumer Sir tells I am a man of promise.. Once I promise something, I fulfil it. I trusted you guys. Gave you responsibility. But everything became a mess… So coming back wasn’t possible… Princi comes and tells ur paperwork is still pending and when students are forcing so much, you stay back… Anyway its SOTY’s last round and u had been integral part of it… Jogi says Sirji hopefully… Sumer Sir tells since you guys are forcing so much, I’ll stay back.. All students look up happy… Jogi happily tells Sirji yeh hui na baat… Sumer Sir is slightly tensed… Princi tells the matter is you guys should be focusing on welcome of Mr. Gosai. There’s little time left for 3 pm. Please go back to work. Sumer Sir tells for this minister, there should be damakedar welcome.. Jogi tells what damakedar.. See these people… These people are not moving forward of garlands and candles… Sirji karenge kya? Sumer Sir tells there’s a way by which there will be a damakedar welcome and wears goggles (He looks very stylish with those). Jogi and Ria look curious…
    The shooter is fixing the rifle and starts to aim. He’s looking through lens with a finger on trigger. He thinks to self now only minister has to arrive and then game over!

    Sorry for the delay in posting! Interesting episode on the whole..
    That mystery guy collecting pics might be related to Simran too…
    The assassins comment that even if couple of kids die, it doesn’t matter, indicates a huge drama. I feel Jogi will save Ria from bullets and then Simran n Raj will understand how awesome Jogi is. Or Adi might protect her – forcing to stop taking revenge. Or Jogi might save Adi – showing humanity is above any rivalry. Anything can happen!
    A mysterious call for Sumer Sir. He can be either a mastermind behind the minister’s attack (Praying it’s not so). Or a undercover officer, who had a tip off about this attack long time ago and hence Sumer joined SOTY as a mentor and judge.
    Don’t know about precap! Sorry!!!

    Msg from Team: Thank you.

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