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Parvarish 2 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi tells parents that she does not want to join Ria’s school. Surinder asks why she does not want to, she will feel very good and confident there, etc. Jassi says Ria already told about her school and she does not want to join there. Surinder asks what did Ria say. Jassi says she told children bully there and they even throw eggs into library, etc. Jogi says she must have joked. Surinder says Jogi is right. Kulvinder says he does need any argument on this and leaves. Surinder tries to convince Jassi again, but she says she does not want to join Ria’s school. Daadi taunts to ask Surinder if she wants to a get a new mordern saas like Simran.

Ria tells her friend how she frightened Jassi and she will never join their school. Simran hears their conversation, enters

Ria’s room and says shame on her. Ria asks why did she enter without knocking. Simran says shut up and asks friend to go home and she will complain her mom. She asks Ria how can she frighten Jassi and says Jassi’s life will change for good if she joins her school. Ria asks if she wants to send a spy to watch her moves and control her. Sirman calls Raj and asks him come home right now.

Dadaji tells Jassi that he always considered her right as she thinks of her children’s betterment, but Kulvinder is also right.

Raj comes home and after hearing Simran’s complaint asks Ria how will she throw eggs into library forgoing security and asks her to demonstrate it. He brings eggs from fridge and tries to throw egg on her via window. She hides behind sofa. Raj says if Jassi joins her school, she may feel bad, but it will change Jassi’s life for good. Simran starts crying. He says Ria that she should stop Simran’s tears and get Jassi’s fear out.

Surinder tries to convince Kulvinder again, but he says he does not want to extend his feet beyond his bedsheet. She says it is old saying, new saying is they have to extend bedsheet and says she wants her children’s future more brighter. He says she always convinces him, but he will not this time and walks out angrily.

Surinder serves coffee to everyone. Daadi asks if she is giving costly coffee like in hifi stores. Dadaji asks if she gave coffee to Kulvinder. She says he did not accept it. He asks her to call Kulvinder. Kulvinder comes and says Surinder is demanding new school now, then she will demand new clothes to match rich status of Simran’s family, then car, etc. He has decided that they will go back to Amritsar and says does not want to stay here where men drink in front of women and says he does not respect Raj and Simran and does not want to become like them. Just then, Raj and Simran enter and are shocked hearing his words.

Precap: Surinder says Kulvinder he can go back to Amritsar alone if he wants to and when it is a question of her family’s betterment, she will protect them from him. Kulvinder stands dumbstruck in a shock.

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