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Parvarish 2 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder tells Simran that she wants Jassi admitted to Ria’s school. Simran asks if she took Kulvinder’s permission. Surinder says he is against it. Simran says then she should not think of it as trust is very important in marriage. Surinder says it is her children’s future’s issue and she will not compromise. Simran gets ready and they both share their childhood memories. Simran tells Ria that they are going to her school, if she wants to accompany them. Ria says even 5th std children does not like walking holding their parent’s finger. Surinder smiles and Simran fumes. They both then get into car and leave.

Daadi holding her stomach due to upset stomach waits for Surinder to prepare lemon water for her. She sees Surinder leaving in car with

Simran and complains dadaji. Jassi gives her lemon water. Dadaji says she was worried that Jassi will forget her moral values, but she has not.

Surinder and Simran reach Ria’s shool. A lady asks Simran what will do during annual function. Simran says she will set her jewelry shop and Ria will do marketing. Lady says she has planned everything already. Simran introduces Surinder and says even her daughter is getting admisison here. Lady says doctor saheb is very influential and he will get her admission easily. Surinder gets happy. She then roams around school and gets mesmerized seeing its environment. She asks receptionist fees amount and receptionist says 20,000 per month and she can check online. She walks confusingly and sees a student speaking on stage and imagines Jassi and claps. Simran comes and takes her from there. They go to canteen and enjoy snacks. Ria comes there and tries to run seeing them. Simran calls her and tells Jassi is getting admitted her and she should be with her only. Ria feels embarrassed in front of her friends.

Kulvinder with Jogi goes to gurdwara school and meets principal for Jassi’s admission. Principal says he is happy that he thought of his daughter’s admission here as usual people think of private school as education is good there. He asks Kulvinder to pay fees and send his daughter school from tomorrow. Kulvinder thanks him and leaves. Jogi says he should think of some better school. Kulvinder scolds him that his father is not so rich and they have to be in limit.

Simran calls Raj and requests him to get Jassi admitted to Ria’s school. Raj says he is doctor and not politician.. Simran insists and he agrees to try at last.

Ria calls her friend and tells mom compares her with other’s daughters always and now she is getting Jassi admitted there. Friend gives her an idea how to cope up with this.

Surinder reaches back home. Daadi asks what all she saw and says nobody is worried about her. Surinder says she prepared khichdi for her. Daadi says she will not eat cold khichdi. Surinder asks if Kulvinder came back. She says yes.

Surinder tells Kulvinder that she saw Ria’s school and chilren are very brilliant there, so he should get Jassi admitted there. Kulvinder says he has already paid fees and he cannot go out of his budget. She says fees can be taken back and he should think how brilliant his daughter would be. He says she will be brilliant whichever school she goes. Jassi enters with Dadaji and sees them fighting. Joginder says his decision is final. Surinder continues convincing him and says Jassi will be very confident making new friend and she will be happy going to a big school. Jassi says she does not want to go to a big school. Surinder is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Ria frightens Jassi saying her school kids are very bad and they invite new students by throwing eggs on them. Jassi informs her parents. Kulvinder says he will not send his daughter to that school and tells dadaji that they should go back to Amritsar.

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