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Parvarish 2 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder asks Simran why is she looking tensed. Simran says she does not want to talk to her. Surinder continues confronting hr. Simran opens up and says she is a bad mother and unable to handle Ria. She once made mistake when she was of Ria’s age by trusting a boy and she does not want Ria to do same mistake.

Ria with Dolly reaches disco and asks Dolly when will Aditya come. Dolly says in some time. Jogi comes with his friend and starts flirting with Ria. Ria fumes and gets into club. Bouncers stop Jogi. Jogi calls Ria to him in, but she does not look at him. He says his friend he will do something.

Ria starts dancing with Dolly on Goriya re…song… A boy stares at them. They go to take soft drinks. Boy continues staring at them. Jogi enters and starts flirtin with Ria again. He then taunts Dolly as behanji with loud make up, dolly fumes. Bouncer comes and he runs.

Simran says Ria is very friendly and trusts anyone, she cannot protect her from each stranger.

Boy befriends Ria and gives her sleeping pill mixed drinks. Ria starts drooling while boy smirks. Ria goes to washroom and then comes out. Boy says Ria he will drop her home and takes her out and gets her on his bike. Simran continues with Surinder that her one mistake ruined her life. Jogi’s friend complains him that he lost his shoe while running from bouncer. Jogi says he will bring his shoe and moves towards parking lot and is shocked to see Ria going with a boy.

Surinder cheers Simran and gives her some moral gyaan and says Ria will also get a trustable friend like them. Simran smiles. Surinder says let us have prasad and reminds her of their childhood.

Jogi stands in the middle of rod holding rod. Boy comes on bike with Ria. Jogi warns him to leave Ria, else he will hit him. He runs towards him and boy runs leaving Ria and bike. Jogi calls auto.

Precap: Jassi falls unconscious during student of the year competition practice. Raj checks her and says stress is very harmful for her. Kulvinder scolds Surinder for overstressing Jassi.

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