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Parvarish 2 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surinder and family comes for dinner to Simran’s house. Biji tells Ria should have been with Surinder and Jassi with Simran, they both are opposite. She asks Simran when all her relatives are in Amritsar, why did not she come to meet them all these years. Simran asks Ram to bring snacks and cool drinks. Ram brings cool drinks and says let us make new friendship. Kulvinder sips drink and spits it and asks what is it. Ram says it is whiskey as punjabis like it. Kulvinder says all punjabis are not same. Ria says whats wrong in alcohol and nonveg, nonveg is kept as prasad by bengalis. Kulvinder tries to leave, but dadaji stops him.

Simran says she will go and get dinner. Surinder follows her and says her lifestyle has changed a lot and asks what happened to her boyfriend

who used to roam around her. Simran says it is her past and Ram is her present. They continue reminiscing their past and friendship.

Jogi sees Ria sitting alone with mobile and asks Jassi to go and speak to her. Jassi goes and says her skirt is nice, if she is comfortable in it. Ria says yes and asks if she wore jeans on her mom’s insistence. Jassi says yes. Ria asks when did she buy it. Jassi says her aunt gifted her some 2-3 years ago. Ria asks why is she wearing it when she is not comfortable. Jassi says her parents order is utmost important to her. Simran comes with Surinder and says Jassi is right. She invites everyone for dinner.

Everyone sits for dinner. Surinder asks simran to tell about Ria’s school. Simran says it is best school in town and students become docs and engineers. Kulvinder says Jassi was going to gurdwara school and got a transfer in delhi’s branch. She is a brilliant student and was board’s topper. Simran gets happy and looks at Ria. Surinder asks again to tell more. Kulvinder says when he has already decided, there is no need for another school. Jassi’s jeans button breaks and she gets embarrassed. Surinder lowers her top and Kulvinder asks her to go home and change. Ria ties her scarf around jassi’s waist and says people will think it is a fashion.

At home, Surinder asks Kulvinder repeatedly to think about Ria’s shchool for Jassi. He says his decision is final and though she makes him agree to her decisions always, this time he will not listen. In the morning, Surinder hurriedly makes breakfast and packs Kulvinder’s breakfast. He says he will have at home itself and eats it. She insists to go soon and he gets up. She then asks to rethink about school. He says again his decision is final and leaves.

Simran asks Ram why did he give whiskey to Kulvinder. He says it is common punjabi culture. She says she wants Jassi and Ria to be best friends like she and Surinder are.

Surinder comes to Simran’s home and gives her favorite gobhi paranthe and says let us go to school now. Simran asks if she took Kulvinder’s permission. Surinder says no. Simran says trust is most important in relationships. Surinder says it is her children’s future’s issue and she will not compromise.

Precap: Jassi gets mesmerized seeing Ria’s posh school and tells Kulvinder to change his decision. Kulvinder angrily says he will not compromise and force his daughter to change school. Jassi says she will not change school.

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