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Kulvinder and Suri catch nurse and ask what is her plan and where are her partners. Suri says let us call police. Nurse warns that if she is caught, along with Ria, even Jogi and Jassi will be killed. Suri ties nurse and tells doc that they have only one hour to know the plan as goons will realize something is wrong. She asks Raj to go and check Suri if Simran is fine and what is Mona’s plan. Raj asks if Simran is alone. Suri says even children are alone in jungle and they have one hour. They both tie her and take her out dorning burqa on her. Driver informs Sumedh that Raj left home after seeing last patient and even nurse gave him bag. Raj gets into car and leaves asking them to find out what is their plan. Kulvinder and Suri then verbally torture woman to tell what is their plan.

Suri tells Kulvinder they will inform police and handover nurse on the way and will have to reach children first.

Jassi, Ria and Adi plan to confront Sumedh and his goons. Jassi says they should disconnect power first. Raj reaches home and asks Mona she got ill so soon. Simran says he came on right time, she was worried. He says he is back and everything is alright. He checks Mona and says she is planning a lot. Mona asks what he means. He says he means she is stressing herself a lot and planning how to spend whole day, how to eat chat, shopping, etc. She smiles. He says he will give her injection and she will be fine. Mona says she took ayurvedic medicine and will be fine soon. He says as she wishes. Simran changes medicine silently. Raj says he has to go to minister’s house and takes her to room. Mona also follows them. He sees her and says he needs to change. Moona says he is looking handsome and no need to change. He says thanks for the compliment, he needs to spend some time with his wife. She pushes door and says why is he getting so restless. He says then fine, he will be at home and send another doc to minister’s home. Simran says that is fine. Mona warns Simran and asks Raj if doc will lose over husand. Raj says he knows his duty and will save his patients at anyc ost. He asks Mona not to become kabab me haddi and turn around. He hugs Simran and assures her not to worry, nothing will happen to Ria. Mona turns and asks if he is done. He says yes and says Simran he will leave now.

Ria, Adi, and Jassi reach near Sumedh’s camp and Jassi switches off generator. Sumedh shouts how did generator switch off, must be children definitely. All 3 run and hide. Goons check generator and see key missing. Adi blows poinous needle on goons and they fall unconscious.

Suri and Kulvinder hand over nurse to police and inspector asks what is her plan. Nurse smirks. Suri shouts what is her plan, her children are stuck, she will kill her. Inspector asks her to relax. She says her children are in danger and says how will Raj kill minister. Kulvinder says can shoot. Simran says not gun, doc may poison food. Kulvinder says doc goes to give injection to minister and injection must be poisoned. She calls Raj and informs that they poisoned injection and exchanged real one via Simran, he should not give injection to minister. He says he will go to any extent to save his daughter.

Precap: Sumedh holding gun at Ria says her papa loves him a lot, papa freed him, so he will free her life now.

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    1. no i dont think so
      riiya wont die, aditya jassi jogi will attack sumedh ,all 4 of the kids will run away

  1. where is amy abhid in all drama have cvs forgot about them
    riya seriously needs to chill
    precap is wrong
    sumedh says your papa loves you hes done my work now im free now you can also be free and points gun on riya and riya is shell shocked .

  2. Oh no riya is going to die???????????

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