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Parvarish 2 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jassi comes to kitchen and apologizes Surinder for misbehaving. She asks what to do to make her smile. Surinder smiles turning around but acts as angry. Jassi continues. Surinder turns and hugs her smilingly. Jogi comes and praises Jassi as student of the year. Jassi shows Surinder student of the year pamphlet and says if she wins, she will get 1 year scholarship.

Simran serves paranthas to Raj and pasta to Ria in breakfast. Ria says she does not want to have pasta as she left carbs. Simran asks if she got teenager’s disease bulimia nervosa. Ria says no and asks why she always try to ruin her happiness. Raj says mom loves her. She says she wants to spy her 24 hours. Simran says she does not want to spy her and she can do whatever she likes. Ria says she wants to go on a night out. Simran says she can go, calls her friend’s mom and tells she and Ria are coming for a night out, Ria will night out with her friend while they can do some gupshup. Ria fumes.

Jassi tells Surinder that competition is very tough and she needs to work hard. Kulvinder comes and says he is with her and will provide whatever she needs. She says she does not need anything but just his blessings. He hugs her and says his blessings are always with her.

Dolly calls Ria and invites her for night club party tonight. Ria says there is a world war happening between her and her mom, but she will do something.

Jogi’s friend comes to him and says he knows bouncers and will get free entry.

Ria gets ready for night out and thinks how to convince Simran. She sees daadi and after a bit pampering convinces daadi and leaves silently. Simran follows her and sees her going in car. Surinder sees Simran outside and asks what happened. Simran says she does not want to talk to her. Surinder insists. Simran says her life is messed up.

Precap: Ria dances in night club. A boy mixes sleeping pills in her drinks and takes her on bike. Jogi follows them.

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  1. Lol when did? rohan’s friend ?become Jogi friend ? wah ‘re cvs ka logic ?
    Jassi acting has improved ☺
    Ria and that mystery boy? riya going to be in big trouble .? I think that mystery boy is friends ? with those 2 boys ?who riya beated in the previous episodes

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