Parvarish 2 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ankita angrily shouts that she will finish Jassi today. Adi comes and asks if she did his work or not. Ankita says she will finish Ria today and he should help her finish Jassi. He smiles and cheers cool drinks glass.

Surinder calls Simran and tells they should cancel tonight’s party. Simran says if she is tired, she should rest and she does not want to listen any excuses. Surinder thinks how to convince Kulvinder for party.

Dolly asks Ria who will give treasure hunt clue. Ria says flowers must have. Dolly says by the time we find clue, flowers will rotten. Ankita’s puppet comes and asks Ria if she knows a room which does not have doors or windows. Ria says her brain, nothing goes in or comes out. Puppet says she may be right and leaves. Ria jokes and then says

this must be her treasuer clue.

Surinder goes to Kulvinder and says she will cut his nails as they are long. He resists and asks what she has to say. She says for neighboir’s daughter’s mistake, he should not break up with neighbors. He jokes. She says even Simran and Raj are parents and struggle daily to handle Ria, so he should not be angry on them and join party.

Ria and Dolly continue searching clue and find lamp shade as clue. Ria searches lamp shade and finds a chit on table. She reasd to pull thread and see the drama. Adi from balcony tells Ankita that his plan may fail. She asks him to chill. Ankita’s puppet purposefully drops cool drinks on Dolly. Dolly scolds her and goes to washroom. Puppet smiles at Ankita and Adi.

Coach from stage asks all students from other schools befriend each other. Jogi’s jokergiri starts and he shakes hand with other school’s boys and says he needs some entertainment now. Boys say it is his school’s arrangement, so it is obviously boring. Another student says their school students fight among themselves. Jogi taunts her. He then goes on stage and starts dancing on tung tung baaje song…Other students join him. Jassi comes and tries to speak, but he continues dancing. Ria enters room and finds another clue. Jassi says Ankita accepted her crime. Jogi continues dancing.

Ria walks towards terrace. Jogi sees her and thinks where she is going alone. Ria goes a dark room and sees a torch and picks it. Adi locks door from inside and holds her. Ria flashes torch on him and says she will complain Sumer sir. He says he was joking. Jassi tells Jogi that Ankitta is behind her loss. Jogi says he will confront her and will show her place.

Adi tells Ria that he has planned a surprise for her and switches on light andshows him standing between lights of heart. He signals and flowers fall on her. Ria easily falls for his fake love. He kneels down and asks if she will become his girlfriend, he really likes her. She can reject him, but if she does, she could be the first one. She says what he did was wrong and always he tries to defeat her, he sometimes praises her and sometimes behaves as if he does not know her, etc.. She also kneels down and he is about to touch her when someone knocks door. Ria opens door and sees Ankita standing outside and leaves smiling. Ankita comes in and asks why did he use her to propose Ria. He says this is his plan to make Ria mad in his love and lose student of the year competition. He says game has started and she thinks he really…

Jogi enters with Jassi. Adi and Ankita get tensed. Jogi tells Ankita that he knows truth now. Adi and Ankita get more tensed.

Precap: Ankita ssays Jogi that she did not cheat. Jogi says if she defeats Jassi in competition, she can call her loser whole life and asks if challenge is accepted. Ankita smirks. Sumer hears their conversation.

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  1. What the heck is happening Ria and aditya God aditya was creepy when he was shutting that door from inside he looked way creepy . I don’t want jassi n aditya together
    Lol loved it when dolly was yelling at meenu
    Jogi and his friend Monty dance was really entertaining . Jogi new friend Monty is cute .
    Even rahul or rohit whatever is his name is good .
    Don’t get me started on (mini version of lakshya ragini )ankita- aditya doing plotting planning . Uff ye ankita kab jayegi and Aditya needs a very good .

  2. I am really like jogi and rahul together. They share very positive vibration. Even their spoke similar manner. All 5 of other school students are also good.

    1. Yea I agree rahul is good . But rahul jassi pair is not possible coz he’s not from the same school . Aditya I don’t like . Ankita should be thrown off a cliff . Jogi and Monty are nice guys . I want riya and Jogi together
      Dolly with Monty or Rajesh
      Dhruv pandey or nishant khanna who are in jassi classmate should be paired with jassi

  3. I know Rahul is from another school but he can be paired with Jassi. Remember when Jassi was about to fall he held her, I think that was a hint that they are going to be paired together. He only replied to Ankita rudely not to Jassi. I know he is a bit over confident type, but he can be paired with Jassi. On the other hand, I hope that Aditya plans fails. I think he will make Ria fall for him and then at the time of the competition he will emotionally blackmail her but either Jogi would save her or Ria would come to know what he is up to (hope so!).

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